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A World of Helpful Tips, Savings and Fun Websites - Happy Surfing...

Ticket Stumbler Ticket Stumbler makes ticket buying easy, because it gathers ticket price and availability information from several ticketing vendors including Stubhub, Razor Gator & Ticket City. Football, basketball and hockey are just a few of the sporting tickets offered on the site.

Where's George? "Where's George" allows you to track where all your paper money. By entering in the serial number and date of your paper money you can see where it's been and where it will go next.

Yearbook This is a website where you can upload your photo and yearbook yourself. See what you'd look like with an 80s hairdo, 60s wardrobe and more!

Live Mocha This website brings learning a new language to life. English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese are just a few of the languages offered on the site. In addition to the generic grammar exercises, you'll be prompted to have live dialogs with others fluent in the language you're learning.

Metacafe Metacafe isn't like other video sharing sites like Youtube. Choose from several categories of videos including pets, sports, dance and travel. If you like a video, or you post one of your own, tell you're friends and family about it, because you'll get 5 bucks in your pocket for each 1,000 hits after the first 20,000.

Chegg This website is aimed at saving college students hundreds of dollars when it comes time for buying textbooks. Instead of purchasing textbooks every semester at full price now you can rent "new or like new" books at up to 80% off.

Dog IQ Test Do you know your dogs IQ? Is your K9 a genius? Well now you can find out through 6 different adaptive intelligence tests that you can easily perform at home.

Gyminee Gyminee is a fitness social networking site that not only allows you to track your own workout and diet it also encourages your to join physical challenges with other Gyminee members.

Study Guide Zone This site offers study guides and practice tests for many standardized tests including the SAT, MCAT and LSAT. In addition, study guides are also offered for tests in many other fields including business, finance and teaching.

80s Music Video Link If you're craving an 80s throwback, this website allows you to play over 1000 classic 80s songs and watch music videos too. Also, play some of the classic video games from that decade like Pacman, Donkey Kong & Battle Zone...all for FREE.

Discount School Supplies Learningwire makes "back to school shopping" easy. Instead of waiting in long lines now you can avoid the rush and do all your back to school shopping on the internet. Not only does this website sell many items for cheaper than what you get in a store, but a portion of the money spent goes to the school of your choice.

Homework Help PATH is a FREE avenue students can take to get the extra help on their own time schedule. In fact, PATH offers multiple ways for students to get in touch with credible teachers across the country including message boards, live chats and email.

Scan My Photos Here is a website that can help you backup your photo collection at a very low cost. This website offers scanning services for photographs, negatives and slides. In addition, you can get your VHS tapes transferred over to DVD and have some of your older photos restored.

Zillow Moving can be a stressful time...even if it's just around the block. Well zillow is a website that can help make your transition easier because it gives tips to buyers and sellers as well as "Zestimates" for over 80 million homes across the US.

Coupon Bug Stop looking through endless newspapers and magazines for coupons. Now you can search by category for the coupons you really need. This website offers a wide array of coupons for food, household and personal care products.

Lyrics Fly If you have questions about a particular artist, song, lyric or album this website can help answer any of your questions. You also be able to find other artists with a similar style as well as Youtub videos and MP3's.

Free Online Photo Editing Save yourself a mini fortune and do all your photo editing online for FREE. This program allows you to crop, rotate, add special effects, remove red eye, add text and more!

Travel Clinics If you are going on a family getaway or business trip outside the US, this website will give you travel tips and a list of vaccinations you may need to ensure a safe and healthy trip.

Sleeping in Airports Sleeping in Airports is an ever-growing trend since airlines are more reluctant to issue free hotel vouchers to stranded passengers. This website acknowledges this growing trend and rates the best and worst airports around the world to get stranded in.

Undiscovered Artists When it comes to music people are usually split into two categories, those who enjoy the mainstream hits and those that seek out the less known artists. Well if you fit into the latter category, this website allows you to stream music from those undiscovered artists and vote on them too! Also, if you are an artist, you can upload your own music on this site as well.

Alerts Here's a website that will send you personalized alerts to your email or cell phone. Some of the more popular alerts include listing the cheapest gas prices as well as the latest traffic information, but many also sign up for daily horoscopes and wake up calls!

Map My Run Calling all runners: Whether you are a recreational runner or training for an upcoming will find something valuable on this website; including new running routes in your neighborhood, nearby running events, inspirational stories and tips from fellow runners.

Rotten Neighbor Are you curious about what type of neighborhood you live in? Just how safe is it? This website helps you find out if you are either moving to or already live in a quality and trouble-free neighborhood. Some of the rotten neighbors found on this site consisted of those committing noise violations and more serious crimes like sex offenses.

Snopes If you get a chain email that tries to convince you of some urban legend or old wives tale you can test the validity of these by logging onto this website. You'd probably be surprised at claims you thought were true, actually weren't!

Swap Tree If you have DVD's, music, video games or books collecting dust you can trade them for something you rather have. All you have to do is enter what items you have and the items you want and this website will find someone to swap with. Better yet, its free!

Home Exchange If you're looking to eliminate the hotel bill from your next vacation you may want to participate in a new trend called "Home Exchanging". Featured in the movie "The Holiday" home exchanging is simply when two families swap homes for vacation. It's a growing trend that not only saves you money but also affords you to see much of the world.

Letter Me Later Most email services don't allow you to schedule when an email is sent out. Usually, the second you click "send" it's sent. Well, here's a website that lets you write now and send later! (You decide the date and time it's sent.)

Unusual Hotels Does your dream vacation include staying in a unique hotel? Some of the hotels listed on this website have their guests sleeping in an igloo, up a tree, underground or underwater! Staying at any of these hotels will be a truly memorable experience!

World Wide Telescope If you're interested in learning more about our universe this website enables you to do just that! Explore outer space using images stitched together from world class telescopes like the Hubble and Spitzer to give you a true representation of what our universe looks like. This program is suitable for all ages!

Stop World Hunger If you're looking to get involved in a growing volunteer effort to help put an end to world hunger I urge you to give this organization a try. Get involved locally or internationally while teaching other's about sustainable agriculture.

You Tomb Youtomb monitors all the popular videos taken off of Youtube for copyright violations.

E-How Learn how to complete both ordinary and not so ordinary tasks more efficiently by using this website. People from around the globe contribute their ideas on how to complete tasks step by step. For example, if you are looking for tips on how to find cheap airline tickets, brush you pets teeth or making your own lip balm...this is the place to come!

Dress by Design This site allows women to design their own dress from scratch that is custom fit to their body type.

Learn to Type Many employers these days are looking for employees that can type both accurately and quickly. Some may even require a teaching certificate. This website has many keyboarding exercises and speed tests geared people of all levels and ages. In fact, you can even get your typing certificate through this website as well.

Printable Paper Instead of running out to the store to buy a specialty pad of you can print on your home computer for free. Choose from thousands of categories of paper types including: music, graph, dot, lined and even score sheets.

Price Protector This website saves you from always being the detective. Say you purchase an item...just enter the URL on this website and if the price subsequently drops you'll get an email notification and instructions on how to get the sale price.

Share Documents Online This website is just like Youtube but instead of videos...its word documents. You can publish your own work for free on this website and get reviews from people around the world.

Blurb If you're looking for a fun project on a rainy day...this is it! Rather than keeping all of those memories from a special occasion in your head- now you can publish your own customized book with pictures, photographs, stories and text!

WOW Coupons This website is the #1 source of online and printable coupons and has coupons for everything from food, restaurants and hotels to fitness, retail stores and rebates.

Airport Information This website gives you the latest flight information for all arriving and departing you are able to see if your flight is on time or not before leaving your home.

The Hunger Site This website provides an easy way to donate to charity. Just with a click of a mouse button you help reduce world hunger, illiteracy or help raise money for free mammograms for women and health care for children. This website even extends its arms to animal rescue and protecting our rain forests.

BuyMyTronics If you have new or old even broken electronics lying around your house you can submit them to this website and get money in return for them...Plus they dispose of them in an eco-friendly way.

Vumber Help keep your identity a secret- by keeping your real phone number personal. Instead you can give you your "vumber" instead of your real telephone number.

[source: WIVB-TV]
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