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Friday, October 3, 2008 Customer Profile: "Thank you for a job well done"

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I don’t usually write letters such as this but I am very impressed with your service and the quality of your work. I have had 2 boxes (with close to 2,000 photos per box) scanned by your service and the results are amazing. We live in the San Diego area of California that was affected by last year’s wildfires. Several of our friends lost their homes due to the fires, and the greatest regret to them was the loss of their family photos. Their family snapshots and photos are perhaps the one material item that is truly irreplaceable.

Over the past 30 years we have accumulated thousands of precious photos. When we evacuated our home due to encroaching fires last year, we were only able to grab a handful of these photos. Luckily, our home was spared, but we resolved to somehow preserve our photos. When I first heard of your service, I was a bit skeptical but after a little bit of research I felt that the scanning service you offer might be a good way to keep our photos safe. My wife and I actually enjoyed going through our numerous boxes of photos and selecting what we considered the best 5000. We shipped them to you and in less than a week we received our boxes back along with the DVD of the scanned images. The quality is great and we have already shared electronic copies of
some of the photos with family and friends. We are encouraging all of our friends to check out your service. Thank you for a job well done.

Patrick and Maureen O.
San Diego, CA

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