Thursday, October 2, 2008

Phanfare announces several new features, applications

Phanfare Inc., Princeton, N.J., offers several new features including a new table of contents style as well as plug-ins for Apple's iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom 2, and Apple Aperture. Also new is the Phanfare iPhone App turns your iPhone into a wireless digital camera. Images you take from your iPhone are automatically synchronized back up to the Phanfare service. Any photos and videos on the Phanfare service can be viewed on the iPhone. There are two components of the Phanfare iPhone experience: a new iPhone website that you can see by browsing to on your iPhone and a downloadable app for your iPhone that will allow you to take photos and upload them to your account, manage your phanfare connections and see what is new with friends and family.

Additionally, Phanfare now offers h.264 video conversion, an updated Facebook app, open public albums, and geotagging. The new version of the Phanfare Facebook app that will put news items into your facebook profile when you publish photos and videos within Phanfare. This version works with the new facebook and solves that pesky marriage problem by allowing you to link multiple facebook accounts to the same Phanfare account.

Another new feature allows your Phanfare connections to share your albums with people they know and your viewer reports now include anonymous viewers. Additionally, Phanfare users can now buy a one-time archive DVD or a quarterly subscription to get periodic DVD backups sent to your home. The subscription will first send you a full backup of all your stuff and then periodic DVDs with just the stuff you added any given calendar quarter. In a few weeks Phanfare will be introducing a full line of photo books, printed cards, photo cards and photo reprints for Phanfare customers. These products will be produced by high-quality partners, and all the products will be sold directly by Phanfare with the usual satisfaction guarantee. Up to this point, Phanfare has encouraged users to transfer images to Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Kodak for books and cards. Phanfare will continue to support transfers of images to those services, but will also its own solution.
[source: PMA Newsline]
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