Monday, October 13, 2008

Organize and Digitize Your Old Vacation and Family Photos The Easy Way (via Wicked Good Travel Tips Blog)

Thanks to Susan at Wicked Good Travel Tips for this blog posting.

We all have them… shoe boxes filled with prized snapshots from past adventures and family trips - smiling faces bursting with the enthusiasm of being on vacation. The more industrious of us have patiently affixed piles of precious photos into now dusty albums. Well the digital age is here and it’s time to convert all those fading photos (taken long before digital cameras become the rage) into a digitized photo library.

Check out the services of For just $49.95 they will scan up to 1,000 photos (of various sizes and shapes) into a digital photo album!! (That’s about one large shoe box packed full of photos). They also offer scanning services for slides and negatives, and do video format transfers as well. Once scanned, the original photos are mailed back to you the same day along with a DVD filled with all your images. For an additional $95 you can order a printed book of all your photo images. Read all the details and instructions for sending your photos at ScanMyPhotos. So get your photos digitized and get those smiling faces out of the drawers and onto calendars, mugs, photo books and onto your computer wallpaper!
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