Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How To Get Back Ups From Your Scanned Photo Orders

All New - Long Term DVD preservation backup service from

Extreme BackUp - Yes, in addition to your regular order, make sure to have us protect your scans for up to 1, , 6 or 12 months as an added security measure, just in case you lose you DVD or should your DVD fall victim to unforeseen damage. This fee is for storage only, no additional DVDs included in cost.

Your photos are some of your most precious possessions. They are linked to our memories and remind us of important times in our lives, such as weddings, birthdays, vacations or simply enjoying good times with friends. Have us backup your scanned images for 1 ($4.95), 6 ($14.95) or 12 ($24.95) months to help preserve and protect your memories. DVDs can be lost or damaged over time. Ensure that your memories are protected from unexpected events. (Duplicate DVDs not included in cost, only storage of your files)

While our digital repository safely secures your photo images, in the unlikely event that your backup files are damaged or unusable, cannot guarantee, warranty or be liable in any way for your files stored in our data room vaults and will refund no more than your charge for the Extreme BackUpSM storage fee.

To order copies of your Extreme BackUp photo files, click here Orders must be placed within the term of your Extreme BackUp period. Ex. If you order just one-month, then you must submit a claim within one month.

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