Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Diva Cher and Ticketmaster Should Take Lessons From ScanMyPhotos.com: a Study in Customer Service

We pause from our regular Tales From The World of Photo Scanning postings for this narrative on what recently happened in Las Vegas. It involved Cher and a lesson about customer service that resonated with our company's founders.

With all the domestic and international ScanMyPhotos.com orders, like any company, there may be times when we fall short of a customer's expectations. There is much to learn about how quickly and thoroughly a company responds to each customer experience. In the case of ScanMyPhotos.com, our Live Support and Internet accessibility helps remedy every customer concern. It is based on a foundation of more than 18-years in business that provides a blanket of solutions to each concern. While literally more than 99% of every customer experience is favorable, it is always the challenging episode from which we learn most to enhance our service and improve our systems.

Last week, during a trip to Las Vegas, ScanMyPhotos.com company president and CEO had an experience that we wanted to share with you. It was a lesson on how not to handle customer experiences. Mr. Goldstone was staying at The Bellagio Hotel and preparing to enjoy Cher's performance at The Colosseum at Caesers Palace in Las Vegas on September 24th. After an early dinner and stroll next door to watch the show at Caesers, at the last minute, his group learned the evening performance was cancelled. Caesers' employees standing at the entrance to the theater explained that the entertainer was not feeling well. It seems that this had occurred with two previous shows earlier in the week.

It was a disappointment, but also, a lesson learned.

While Ticketmaster charges a myriad of fees, including a "convenience fee," you would think that service would include notifying ticket holders when a show is cancelled at the last minute - after all, they request your cell phone number and email address.

Instead, no refund was forthcoming for what are very costly tickets. Several days later, Mr. Goldstone had an assistant call Ticketmaster to learn that a "mass credit" for the cancelled shows had not yet occurred. However, the world's leading live entertainment ticketing company would issue a full refund, less the "order processing fee" and the "ticket delivery charges." Rather than an instant refund, it will take several days for the partial refund to be passed along to the credit card.

This brought home how different smart, entrepreneurial companies, like ScanMyPhotos.com can be.

"If Ticketmaster wanted to gain windfall customer satisfaction, they should have minimally notified each ticket holder that the show was cancelled - before the guests arrived at the theater," suggested Mr. Goldstone. "I am also surprised that it took a phone call to request a refund, and that they are retaining those two extra charges. I just hope that Cher is feeling better so thousands of her other fans are not equally disappointed," he said.

Click here to read more about Cher's missed performances in "Las Vegas Weekly."

Update: Cher has also cancelled Saturday and Sunday's performances according to the CherWorld.com blog posting.
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