Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Online print ordering up 47 percent, according to the July PMA Monthly Printing and Camera Trends Report

PMA, Jackson, Mich., has released the Monthly Printing and Camera Trends Report covering highlights and overviews through July. According to the report, the volume of all-sized prints made from digital camera images increased 21 percent in July. Online ordering activity grew at the rate of 47 percent, and printing volumes at retail minilabs and instant kiosks also increased. The retail channel accounted for 50.1 percent of prints, with 14.7 percent of customers using kiosks to make prints. Overall camera sales were up .6 percent in July, with digital cameras dominating the sales mix.

The full report covers digital print volume, printing share -- detail, and printing share -- channel trends. The report also includes data provided by NPD Group Inc. detailing overall camera sales, analog, one-time-use and digital camera sales. The
entire report is available online from PMA Marketing Research.

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