Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Transfer Cassettes and Records to CD and MP3: We Recommend Reclaim Media

Here is a tip that you are sure to hear with great frequency. Transfer all your old cassettes and vinyl records to CD and MP3 with Reclaim Media. They are a smart solution for converting analog audio products to digital files. Like, Reclaim Media is operated by a group of young-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about protecting your memories.

here to watch a walk through video describing how the Reclaim Media service works.

According to Reclaim Media, CDs from tapes and records will import into iTunes just like you'd expect.
Here is a parcial listing of other related services that Reclaim Media recommends:
Here are their Frequently Asked Question pointers:

What about videos?
What about 78s?
How long does this take?
Can I make/sell copies of my new CDs/MP3s?
This cassette/record is irreplaceable! I can't risk mailing it!
Privacy/Guarantees/Copyright:Is this legal?
Do you listen to my tape/record?

Do you keep a copy of my audio?
What if my cassette/record is damaged?
CDs:A bogus title comes up when I put the CD into my computer. Huh?
MP3:How do I load my MP3s into iTunes?
Cassettes:I'm not sure how long my tape is...I only want the second song from side A and...What if my cassette is broken or breaks on you?

How is it broken up into tracks?
Records:My record is scratched and skips. Can you fix it?

Can you put 2+ short records onto one CD?
How is it broken up into tracks?
I only want the second song from side A and...Do you do hiss/pop/noise filtering?
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