Monday, September 15, 2008

Customer Profile: What Happens When There is a Delay?

The reason we have been in business since 1990 is uncompromising customer service. But, the best way to learn about a company's genuine care for customers and their photos is how things are handled when there is a problem.

We just received this email from a local customer in southern California. Typically, all walk-in photo scan orders are ready within minutes (we scan 1,000 pictures in 15-minutes). There was a delay on Saturday with an order and here, in their own words, is how handled the delay.

Thank you for getting those out this morning-I really appreciate it. No need to apologize-I completely understand. I should apologize for keeping you and your employees past 3pm. Thank you for trying to get them to me same day.

I find it necessary to compliment you on your outstanding customer service. The ERAC in my email address stands for “Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I have been employed with them for over 10 years and can proudly say that we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. I think I am qualified to comment on true customer service and can honestly say that the level of service I received from you and your staff on Saturday goes well beyond expectation. I got there right at 10am and was immediately impressed by your attentive staff. They placed my order and had me out of there in 5 minutes. Upon my return, I was told up front that there was a delay and that my order was not ready. Cesar apologized and handled the situation professionally. I opted to wait the expected 20-30 minutes while my order continued to be processed and naturally made observations as to the nature of your business. The store was immaculate; the staff attentive to the ringing phone, everyone got along, and walk in customers were handled with a high level of customer service. I was impressed. I think around 3:30pm it became apparent that my order was not going to be completed that same day, and I understood. I paid for my order and was
pleasantly surprised to find my order had been discounted and again, Cesar apologized for the inconvenience. WOW.

Mitch, you and your team went above and beyond simple customer service. From the way your staff handled a delay, to the attention to every detail-from offering a bottle of water why I waited, to the discounted price, the gift cards and now I see-even a DVD.

Thank you for re-affirming that people still care about the customer and take pride in their jobs. It’s refreshing.

Thank you again!


A loyal customer for life-John M.

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