Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Restoring Photos: What Happens if You Have a Damaged Photo?

Thanks Erin for the update to help people digitally preserve all their photos.

"One of my goals is to have all of my old photographs scanned so that I can have digital copies of these pictures. We’ve talked previously about
services that will scan your photographs (in addition to ScanMyPhotos, commenters also recommend ScanCafe and LifePreserver), and having my photos scanned is the first item on my to-do list for this project."
With all the news, blogging and word-of-mouth chatter on, and our Twitter page, we regularly read comments about our super-fast photo scanning. A while back, Matt at wrote about the scanning service and the author included an old, faded photo as part of the article.

We couldn't help resist turning Matt's picture on his blog (above) into a brand new, fresh masterpiece. If we can make magic happen by fixing this picture, imaging what we can do for your older family heirlooms that need some extra special TLC and photo fixing.

For complete info on the Photo Restoration services, click here.

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