Sunday, August 17, 2008

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Due to the recent exponential expansion of new visits to caused by being on the first page of The New York Times' business section (Aug 14), we wanted to familiarize you with the company's longtime community, civic and pro-consumer advocacy. We have been very involved on the national level since our company was founded in 1990.

For details visit our "In The News" section.

While we are proud of our many grassroots and national programs to support important causes and pro-consumer activities, few came close to topping our campaign after "9/11" to bring 5,000 people to the Big Apple - see background

More recently, the owners of, a division of 30 Minute Photos Etc. launched what is among the nation's largest antitrust price-fixing litigation's - representing all merchants and retailers in our battle against Visa, MasterCard and its major member banks. Company owners, Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman are lead plaintiffs in the Merchant Interchange litigation and post regular news and commentary updates on our blog called: - The Credit Card Interchange Report.
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