Thursday, August 14, 2008

"The Family Photo Album Dilemma - Maybe It's Solved?" (via Blogger post)

Thanks to Lita for blogging about David Pogue's "Personal Tech" vcolumn in today's New York Times. Click here to view


  • It looks like David Pogue's ridden to my rescue yet again.
  • A few weeks back, I lamented on the fact that my family photo albums were disintegrating, and that the project to repair them looked nearly insurmountable. I had even discarded the thought of scanning the pictures because of the sheer amount to time involved for getting pretty mediocre results.
  • However, based on the recommendation in David's most recent NY Times column, I am going to carefully dismantle those decaying photo albums and send the pictures into For $50, this company will scan up to 1000 pictures, and send you back a DVD with your images in JPEG format. Of course, there are caveats - everything has to be properly organized and labled, there are extra fees for reorienting images, scanning the backs of photos, etc., but frankly - it seems worth every penny.
  • Consider this - a sheet feed scanner that will actually accept photos (most don't) costs about $400. Not only is it expensive (the equivalent of scanning 8000 photos), it will be primarily a uni-tasker in your office, because the sheetfeed mechanism means that the unit won't work comfortably or well as a flatbed scanner (I know this from experience).
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