Friday, July 25, 2008

Future Image Inc. and PMA announce 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference location and programming

Future Image Inc., San Mateo, Calif., and Jackson, Mich.-based PMA, along with the Association of Imaging Executives (AIE), a PMA member association, announce programming for the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference to be held Nov. 18-20 at the Monterey Conference Center and the Portola Hotel & Spa.

The conference will feature forward-looking explorations of facial recognition, geo-imaging, ubiquitous sensors, and demonstrations of cutting-edge research. Additionally, product demonstrations all focused on a particular topic will be addressed via panel discussions, speaker presentations, product demonstrations, and clusters -- groups of several sessions. Throughout the program, attendees will enjoy 6Sight's New Technology Showcases --10-minute presentations of potentially game-changing technologies.

The Monterey Maritime Museum will host the 6Sight Welcome Reception, Nov. 18, and the conference program will begin Nov. 19 with a "Big Picture" view of the challenges and opportunities facing the imaging industry by conference chair Alexis Gerard, founder of Future Image and 6Sight Conferences LLC.

Day One will include a "Press the Button 2.0" keynote address by Bill Lloyd, chief technology officer, Eastman Kodak Co. Also, "Future of Cameras" sessions will explore the features and capabilities expected in the next generations of both entry-level point-and-shoot devices and sophisticated DSLRs. This cluster will open with a "State of the Industry" presentation by Future Image analyst Paul Worthington. Two panel discussions will provide additional industry-insider knowledge on future developments in compact cameras and SLRs. The conference will also explore the development of extremely small, low-cost, "intelligent" camera modules being deployed in a wide range of consumer devices including toys, multi-sensor cameras, automobiles, televisions, and remote control devices. 6Sight's annual "State of the Camera Phone" presentation will update attendees on the latest developments in those devices. Subsequent panel discussions, demonstrations and the "Analyst Roundtable" will follow. Day one programming will conclude with "From the Worldwide Frontlines -- An International Retailers Panel," which takes a look at consumer trends in various regional markets. A 6Sight reception and dinner at the Monterey Bay Aquarium will follow the end of the day one programming.

The day two keynote will feature Garage Technology Ventures founder Guy Kawasaki who will present his view on the strategic direction of business for the next 3-5 years. "Printing at the Speed of Ink" will explore how the ongoing digital printing revolution is impacting both consumer and commercial applications. John Larish, imaging industry analyst will report on new technologies from drupa, the world's largest printing event. Also, Scott Brownstein, who led teams developing single-use cameras, instant print stations, scanning services, and other technologies will lead a panel discussion highlighting future usage and business models for hard copy output. Video will be discussed in the "Veni, Video, Vici" sessions. The "Living Room Imaging" will address the proliferation of high-definition televisions and home networks that are driving new ways for consumers to enjoy pictures and videos, going beyond an improved version of the slide show to interactive web experiences. The afternoon continues with "The Future of Lenses," a look at radically new lens design and manufacturing technologies that are moving out of research-and-development labs and into consumer products. Next, the "Geo-Imaging" sessions will address how the convergence of geographic tagging and imaging aim to solve the issue of automatically annotating "where" visual documents are captured for easier retrieval, management, and sharing.
[source: PMA]

Thursday, July 24, 2008

1,000 Free Photo Scans Extended Through November 30th

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1,000 Free Photo Scans*

Through November 30th

Many businesses are turning to word-of-mouth marketing to invite personal Web page posting to review, share their experiences and influence what the next new-thing will be. According to, Facebook, along with Blogger, Flickr and MySpace are the new way to cultivate buzz and excitement.

Social networking sites are the new, smart forum for reaching consumers. When you have a service that demands great word-of-mouth, forums like Facebook cannot be beat for reaching people with passion. "When they love or hate your service they tell the world; it's critical to always earn everyone's adoration and loyalty," said Mitch Goldstone, president & CEO of

1,000 Free Photo Scans by Extended Through November 30th for Members of Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and Blogger

The photo scanning and digital imaging company recently announced it would scan up to 1,000 pictures without charge (pay just $19.95 for return S&H) for members of these leading social networking sites. The nationwide feedback and buzz has justified this extension for 1,000 free photo scans for these social networking members through September 30th.

How To Get Free Photo Scanning - send us your photos and pay just for return S&H ($19.95)

1) If you are located within the U.S. and a member of Facebook, Blogger, MySpace or Flickr enjoy your first 1,000 4x6" photo scans without charge* from

2) Send your photos and *pay for return S&H of $19.95. One-time-use per person/address

3) Scanning is free, but, please post a review from your experience with

4) To order, fill out this form
and review the requirements for preparing your 4x6" photos

5) Instant turn-around: your photos are scanned and returned the same business day with a DVD data disc, plus any other paid services that you select

6) See website for complete info or 24/7 Live Support

Monday, July 21, 2008

"MAKE SOMETHING" KODAK: The Picture Business is About to Experience the Newest Breakthrough in Retailing

Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Photo Industry is Flourishing

It has been a long time since there has been a breakthrough new retail shopping experience, especially within the photo industry that captures the imagination of consumers and builds the buzz that only places like The Apple Stores can accomplish.

Next week, 30 Minute Photos Etc and will introduce the world to an entirely new retail photo experience - The Kodak Experience.

If anyone has been around long enough to have a perspective on pictures, it is the Eastman Kodak Company. Nobody understands photography better than KODAK, the emotions, instant results and ease-of use. Pictures are more than computer files and we are about to demonstrate that in a big way.

Photography is more than about technology. It is about capturing an experience, having fun and sharing your precious memories through hundreds of new ways, way beyond just traditional photographic prints. This new retail photo experience will simplify photography, let you make pictures instantly - directly from your camera phone, make KODAK Picture Movie DVDs with popular music, gorgeous graphics and more.

Just like at a movie premier, we expect that the raves from this new retail experience will capture the imagination of consumers and the entire photo imaging industry.

"The Kodak Experience will instantly become the showcase for futuristic technology and makes photography fun. The equipment is revolutionary - no more chemicals to produce your picture with and it is friendly on the environment too. It will be nothing short of sensational and it will inspire the entire photo imaging industry to quickly modernize the way they promote photography and process the production of picture products - from photo albums, photo gifting items and do-it-yourself photo products," explained Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of 30 Minute Photos Etc. and

The world’s first Kodak Experience Photo Center will be ultramodern and visually alluring. It will be more like a world showcase pavilion to photography - the ultimate photo retail experience and become an instant destination location for everyone who takes, shares and prints pictures.

Pictures are really about the humanity. The emotional connections. The ability to inspire and touch the hearts of others like nothing else can. For over a century, KODAK has helped people unleash the emotional power of the picture and unlock its magic in all its glorious incarnations. The Kodak Experience Photo Center at 30 Minute Photos Etc. and - located in Irvine, California will be revolutionary [click for directions].

We are just a week away from its launch and hope that you plan a visit to view the future of photography. It will inspire and stir a renaissance within the photo industry and by picture takers too.

Part of the new design, includes the installation of all new dry processing - no more chemistry. Since 1990, we have owned exclusively Noritsu photo processors, but have just announced a transition to all KODAK equipment, including the new KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX). The APEX system, is a thermal, dry lab solution that has won awards for it innovations.

Innovation, adaptability and efficiency will help ensure the success and widespread support for APEX, which features a wide selection of products that consumer will enjoy. The KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer, produces photo books on-site within minutes. No chemistry - pro eco-friendly processing. The new APEX workstation with advanced high-speed processing meeting the requirement that all orders be completed onsite, in minute and without error.

"The Kodak Experience will be the catalyst for revolutionizing the photo industry," explained Goldstone. It is about creativity with a purpose to make someone smile, cry, laugh, remember or simply, never forget. And doing wonderful things with pictures is something we should all be able to enjoy - you shouldn't have to be a technology whiz to view and share your pictures and The Kodak Experience makes picture taking easy and fun.

The world is a better place when we get our pictures out of our devices and into our hands, into our living rooms, onto our friend's walls and our parent's mantels - where they belong. The Kodak Experience Retail Photo Center will make it simple: while online or at our Irvine, California-based photo center. You bring us the stories you want to tell and we'll bring everything else.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

For more info, visit or use our free 24/7 Live Support help desk.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo Reporter: "When Analog Meets Digital, Profits Follow: Mitch Goldstone And"

[By Ted Kritsonis - Photo Reporter ]

Woodbury, NY— Mitch Goldstone knows a market when he sees one, especially when analog meets digital.

Goldstone and partner Carl Berman have been running a retail photo lab in Orange County, California, for 18 years, along with the company website at since the late 1990s. Where his business was once 100 percent film-based, he now handles zero film, having made a full transition to digital. But, all those analog prints people have festering in their photo albums or shoeboxes still represent a huge market.

It’s estimated that the average consumer has as many as 5,000 analog prints, accumulating to an overall figure of 3.5 trillion prints worldwide. A vast majority of those may have never seen a scanner, and thus have never been digitized.

In 2005, Goldstone pioneered a high-speed photo scanning service in his photo lab by commercializing Kodak technology. He launched a new website called and recently began using Kodak’s Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX), a modular dry lab, scaleable photo system. APEX dramatically increases the speed of workflow management, which partly explains how it enables to scan tens of thousands of prints in a single day. And this is the key reason they can turn orders very quickly, Goldstone says.

ScanMyPhotos offers the scanning service in three options. The first, and most popular, is the prepaid service at a cost of $124.95. The company sends the customer a postage-paid box they can fill up with as many as 1,800 prints of various sizes (from 2x3 to 11x14). Customers then have up to one year to fill up the box and send it back for scanning.

“Once the customer receives it, they can fill it up at their convenience and put as many pictures as they can into it, then bring it to the post office to ship it to us,” Goldstone explains. “The day we receive it, we digitize every single picture and send the box back to them the very same day.”
The scanned images are saved as JPEGs, with a resolution of 300 dpi, and burned to a DVD. Each DVD can typically hold about 3,000 4x6 images, but the number can shift depending on how many wallet-size or enlarged photos are part of an order.

The other two service options are live support through the phone or real-time online chat, along with simply walking into the store and dropping off a box of prints. Customers walking in with an order of 1,000 prints typically wait just 15 minutes to have the job done.

Sometimes, walk-in orders can be far more substantial. Goldstone recalls one customer who came to his lab from San Francisco with 26 boxes containing 22,000 pictures. He dropped off the entire order and left for the day to Disneyland, returning five hours later to pick up the boxes and the DVDs containing all the scans.

Having so many photos digitized creates additional profit opportunities. Goldstone says some customers create albums, mugs, cards and other gift items using those photos.

“Digitizing analog images is the gateway to invite consumers to create all types of products from the generations of photo memories,” Goldstone says. “Once they become familiar with sites like, they start ordering the ancillary products as well.”

This is equally true for converting old home movies on VHS to DVD. offers this service in a similar format, where customers can fill up a prepaid box with up to 14 tapes at a cost of $249.95. Individual tapes can be digitized for $24.95 apiece. Just like the photo scanning service, ScanMyPhotos won’t digitize any copyrighted VHS tapes. And, the service is meant only for VHS tapes, so the company won’t take 8mm or movie film. “The poor quality of VHS means they start to deteriorate within 8 to 10 years, so most people’s tapes from the 1980s are almost destroyed,” Goldstone says. “That means there’s a 100 percent market out there for transfer to DVDs.” He cites the recent fire at the film and video vaults at Universal Studios as one example to remind consumers to back up VHS tapes and DVDs by making multiple copies and keeping them in separate locations.

The service has been a hit since the company launched it, particularly because consumers from all over the world are paying for it. The only catch 
for foreign customers is that they have to supply their own boxes and pay for shipping both ways. The prepaid boxes are only for U.S. customers because of agreements ScanMyPhotos has with the USPS, FedEx and UPS. The same is also true for photo scanning services.

Goldstone’s company has no membership program in place, and he says there are 
no plans to start one. Instead, they will randomly include Chevron gas cards valued at $5 up to $25, or chocolates, cookies and other gift cards, depending on the time of year.

He also has no plans to expand or turn the business into a franchise. “The answer is definitively ‘no’ because of quality control,” he explains. “We want to make sure everything is handled exactly the same way perfectly with no variables. It’s a key part of our business model.”

And it’s a business model that’s been successful and can be profitably replicated. When was the last time you scanned 22,000 prints?

How to Recover Lost Photos (via I3A)

While it's never good news to discover that your computer has "crashed", it is an unfortunate reality — once in awhile. That said, it's a topic that we must address. As frustrating as this can be, there's some sleuthing that may recover lost photos and other data.

If you think you've lost photos because your computer hard drive crashed, check to see what, if anything else, has been damaged. You will probably need to purchase a new hard drive and install it or get it installed together with the software you need. Please read on and follow the recommended procedure to recover your photos.

Camera CardIf you lose your photos from flash memory, including camera cards and USB drive, you may still be able to recover your photos. If you have lost photos, stop using that card or drive immediately. In many cases, relatively low-cost software will be able to recover accidentally deleted photos. Of course, photo recovery will not be possible if new photos have replaced the accidentally deleted photos on the memory card. If you have reformatted your camera card, recovery will be more difficult, but may still be possible.

If you are having troubles reading your camera card in the camera, try reading the camera card in a PC. It may be that the more sophisticated PC operating system will be able to recover the photos. PC-based recovery software may also be able to help if the structure of the file directories has become corrupt.

If you are having difficulty with a camera card or USB drive, you may want to replace it before it completely fails.

Hard Drive Crash
If you lose photos because your computer hard drive has crashed, here are the steps you should follow to restore your backup collection to your new hard drive or computer:

Check to see if anything else on your computer has been damaged, and then get a new hard drive installed together with any software you need.

Check to see which photos are missing. It's possible that your entire collection will need to be restored from your backup.

Set up your backup external hard drive or insert CDs and DVDs, and copy your photos back to your new hard drive.

Check your photo folders to see that all photos have transferred properly. You can do this by checking that both the number of files and the total amount of storage in your photo folders is the same on your backup disc as on your computer hard drive. The easiest way to find this out using Windows Explorer is to:

Right click on the folder name
Then click on 'Properties'
Check the size of all the files combined in the folder in bytes as well as by the number of files.

When Backups Don't Work
If your backups fail for some reason, and your hard drive is unreadable, you will need to resort to a commercial service. It will, most likely, be successful in recovering some data from your damaged hard drives. Unfortunately, these services can be expensive - ranging from $500 to $2000 or more. Unfortunately, they're not always able to recover your photos or the organizational structure from badly damaged disks. If you can't get a recommendation from a friend, check for "data recovery" services in your local yellow pages or on the web.

Virus Attack
If you lose photos because of a virus attack, here are the steps we recommend that you follow. If you're uncomfortable following these steps, ask a trusted friend who is knowledgeable about computers to help you, or call a commercial computer support service.

Disconnect any external hard drive and run your anti-virus software on your computer. Make sure the software is up-to-date.

If you have a backup on an external hard drive:
Connect the drive to your computer and run your anti-virus software on that drive.
Copy your photos from that drive back onto the internal drive of your computer.
If you have a backup on CDs or DVDs, copy your photos from them back to your computer hard drive.

Check your photo folders to see that all photos have been properly transferred. You can do this by using special comparison software or by checking that both the number of files and the total amount of storage in your photo folders is the same on your backup disc as on your computer hard drive. The easiest way to find this out using Windows Explorer is to:
Right click on the folder name
Then click on 'Properties'
Check the size of all the files combined in the folder in bytes as well as by the number of files.
If for whatever reason your backup does not work, scan your photos from prints or enlargements that you've made as well as from photo albums and slides.

[Source: I3A - Intl Imaging Industry Assn]

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Kodak Photo Kiosks

KODAK: The Future of Photography

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Make Your Own Photo Albums: How to Organize Your Scanned Digital Photos Super Fast

Photo Albums You Make in Minutes, Order Online and Mailed Back the Same Business Day

From all your digital images, including newly scanned pictures, create hardcover photo books, perfect for sharing your favorite photo memories and creating beautiful stories

    Great way to remember every special occasion, parties, vacations, get-togethers, summer fun. All new! Organize your photos in minutes and use our 24/7 Live support with any questions.
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Repost below from blogger review by Amanda. Thanks for the raves!

Little Clicker Blog

While recently scanning more old photos and albums, I ran across this little gem of a photo that I instantly loved. Me & mom cuddled up. Christmas decorations out. Hideous old orange curtains. Matching red nightgowns. Polaroid photo laying around. Box fan to keep cool- even in winter.
Camera in my hand.

I also recently dug out all my APS photos- which were circa mid-high school days though college. I would love to have those digitally and be able to share them and write about the stories behind many of them. Last week, I sent 58 rolls of APS film to Scan My Photos to turn them into digital files I can share with everybody. They offered a great deal for $5/roll plus free return shipping. Can't beat that price for priceless memories ;)

I received all my photos back in less than 2 weeks- all photos burned to a disk and scanned at high resolution. They even included a little note explaining why they couldn't scan 3 of the rolls. I'll be spending the next few weeks strolling down memory lane and hopefully sharing some fun, old photos from days gone by.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I love, love LOVE digital photography!

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4:49 AM
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Rocket said...
Hey thanks for the link to Scan Photos. I've got a big box full of APS from my old Canon Elph camera along with some 35mm stuff. What a great idea.
July 2, 2008 6:37 AM
Dennis the Vizsla said...
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July 2, 2008 8:44 AM
Dennis the Vizsla said...
I'm doing the same project, but all of my old pictures are 35mm prints and goodness knows where the negatives are. So my scanner is going to be busy for a while!
July 2, 2008 8:45 AM
Amanda said...
Thank thank you for this post! My husband has tons of APS from his camera he's been wanting to do like this. We thought it would super expensive. Yay!
July 2, 2008 9:47 AM
Christy said...
Thank you so much for this post! We definitely need to have our rolls of film scanned. Do you know if they do 8 mm?
July 2, 2008 10:57 PM

Friday, July 4, 2008

Free* Photo Album Coffee Table Books - Ready in Minutes* Online at

SAVE $24.95

There are hundreds of new ways to share and save your special photos, but one of the most popular products are photo album coffee table books that you design in minutes, online or at retail photo centers.

Now you can easily order your own albums that you design in minutes and get a free extra copy with each purchase.

Gather your shoeboxes of photo memories and have digitize everything in minutes. Then, use your new DVD data disc and jpeg files to byuild your own photo album coffee table book online at, or visit their southern California retail photo center.

* This buy-one-get-duplicate-one free only applies to standard 20 or 40 page photo albums you design online or at our retail location; not valid towards custom photo memory books from your scanned pictures, which are thumbnail images bound in a special book with all your scanning images, rather than just the ones you choose.


Click here to go directly to the Web site

Smart way to preserve and share your recently scanned photos and digital images stored on your computer. To redeem, when placing your order, mention this FREE PHOTO ALBUM OFFER, or copy and bring in this printout to automatically get an extra, duplicate photo album ($24.95 value) with each order, limit 8, online and in store orders. Discount cannot apply to prior orders, no cash value and you must mention this promotion to receive the free duplicate album(s).*Get a FREE photo album with each one you purchase. Limit eight.Do-it-yourself photo albums now available (these are different than the custom thumbnail photo memory books that display all your scanned photos). Holds about 75 of your favorite pictures. Professionally bound in hard cover albums and includes same day return!

  • BUY ONE-GET-DUPLICATE-ALBUM-FREE - Online and in store retail orders only

  • Choose from 17 designer styles

  • Variety of colorful backgrounds

  • FREE preview to see online prior to ordering

  • Select custom layouts for each page

  • Add and move pictures where you want

  • Zoom, crop, remove "red-eye" and more

  • Add captions and journal messages to each page

  • Just $24.95 (buy one duplicate free, limit 8)

  • Instant Tracking, 24/7 Support!

  • 24/7 Live Support free help desk

  • Price compare: with discount, effectively just $12.48 per photo album

  • All orders completed and mailed back same business day

  • Must mention this offer when placing your order!

  • Hurry, this buy one-get-duplicate-one-free offer expires on August 30, 2008 and saves you $24.95 for each extra album

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