Sunday, June 15, 2008

As Seen on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: Photo Scanning Service Targets Specialty Markets


Although is international, we are seeing a significant increase in rush orders from the Southern California market and nationwide due to the recent state ruling to permit same-sex marriage.

Our company’s strength and 18-year reputation for embracing an inclusive and diverse customer base has always been engaging and supportive. The most recent transformation has yielded an immediate boon to our business and thousands of other smart companies thought the state and country.

Alana Samuels reported in the Los Angeles Times ["Same-sex weddings could be a gift to California’s economy" June 2, Business section page one] that this months nuptials can be a financial boon to the economy. was interviewed and we explained that the results of renewed excitement and economic spending can play a key role in helping to end our state’s recession. Click here to view the article.

By embracing diversity and supporting all our customers, we are honored to be playing such an important role in providing a variety of photo imaging resources. Some of the more popular services are:

As the Los Angeles Times reported: "Macy’s published a full-page ad for its wedding and gift registry in the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday, captioned ‘First comes love. Then comes marriage. And now it’s a milestone every couple in California can celebrate." is proud to be in such formidable company and share in the message of support.

To help assist all couples with preparing specialized photo imaging gifts, presentations, and to preserve their own special "Kodak" moments, is available 24/7 with its free Live Support help desk - click here to access.

Congratulations to all the newest newlyweds and their expanding family.

Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman
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