Monday, June 9, 2008

Kodak: Pictures Are More than Computer Files

The recent Wall Street Journal D All Things Digital conference included the Eastman Kodak Company as a lead sponsor. Along with photo specialty retailers and digital imaging entrepreneurs worldwide, and 30 Minute Photos Etc. salutes Kodak's leadership in recognizing that pictures are more than just jpeg files. As Kodak explains, pictures are emotional and tells and shares stories. Kodak's mandate is to provide the tools to create hundreds of inspiring, smart and fun, new ways to share your pictures once they are digitized.

In case you missed Kodak's full-page Wall Street Journal ad on June 9th, we are reposting it below. As leaders in the photo imaging industry, we have been following many favorable comments from other retailers about Kodak's message and direction which is exciting for consumers and retailers too.

MAKE SOMETHING KODAK: The State of the Picture

If anyone has been around long enough to have a perspective on pictures, it's Kodak. And frankly, we don't like what we're seeing.

The emotional truth of pictures is under attack. And it's under attack by corporations that don't even understand what pictures are really about. They treat people's most precious images as if they were nothing more than file formats. They create technology for technology's sake - not for people's sake.

We're here to take a stand against that.

We want to remind the world what pictures are really about: the humanity. The emotional connections. The ability to touch the hearts of others like nothing else can.

For over a century, Kodak has helped people unleash the emotional power of the picture and unlock its magic in all its glorious incarnations.

And that's what we continue to do now - in more ways than ever.

Kodak believes in creativity with a purpose: to make someone smile, cry, laugh, remember or simply, never forget. And doing wonderful things with pictures is something we should all be able to enjoy - you shouldn't have to be a technology whiz.

After all, the world is a better place when we get our pictures out of our devices and into our hands, into our living rooms, onto our friend's walls and our parent's mantels - where they belong.

We're going to make it simple: you bring the stories you want to tell.

And we'll bring everything else.
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