Sunday, June 8, 2008

Customer Profile: "Scan Your photos!"

Thanks for the detailed posting on the Phillips' experience with The below commentary is reprinted from our customer's blog with her detailed experience trusting with preserving her family's photo memories.


I am sooooo glad I sent all those pictures away to THIS PLACE. I got by pictures back yesterday and I am really, really impressed. I chose the second option -- the prepaid box where you can scan as many photos as you can fit in. They send you a prepaid box, you send your photos, they scan them and then send them back. They say the box fits "over 1600" pictures. I fit in 2082 to be exact (almost all 4x6's with 50-75 3x5's thrown in). So it was the better deal for me because I got over 2000 pictures done AND I didn't have to pay postage on that HEAVY box. It took a bit longer, since I had to wait for the box to arrive, but once I sent it it was one week from leaving my house to returning.

And the pictures turned out great. Well, as great as they were in the first place! The nice thing about them was that there were no dust/scratch marks like when I scan stuff. This, in addition to the obvious advantage, I now have 2082 pictures on my hard drive that I didn't have to scan. And I probably never would have.
. LOVE it.

I am soooo happy I did this. I got so many older photos scanned. So many stories to be told. I can't wait. The only problem is that they do not scan in order so I have to go through them all and organize them. AND I need to get up the guts to get rid of the prints now. That WAS part of the purpose of this little project. Don't be scared -- I do have all the negatives of the newer pictures and I will NOT be throwing away the old picture. I will return those to my mother :)

So, go...gather up all those pictures in random albums, in shoeboxes, in drawers and get them all ready to be scanned. Best money I have spent in a long time.


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