Sunday, May 11, 2008

Review of Photo Scanning Service:

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Please include my feedback on your great service in your testimonials.

Here is a fantastic opportunity to digitally preserve your photo memories before they fade away. is currently providing a free DVD scan of 1000 4X6 photo prints to members of several social networking sites. You only pay for shipping. I just got my DVD and can say without reservation that I'm thrilled with the outcome. The photos are very sharp even when enlarged full screen. The average size of each JPEG is 1.47 MB. I carefully packed 999 prints (yea I know, I don't know how to count up to 1000) on a Friday and they were returned along with a DVD one week later.

Total cost: $16 for shipping the box of prints with USPS Ground from NJ to CA and $19.95 credit card payment to for return S&H by USPS priority mail. The quality of the scans greatly exceeded my expectations and the super-fast speed of processing is remarkable. The DVD is rated Archival Preservation Quality. Adding a date to the photos and organizing them afterwards is a breeze with a software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and very rewarding.

Apparently the company is no longer including a Nestle's Crunch bar in the package, it sure would have added to my enjoyment. [see posting about newest random addition to orders]. I saw this promotion by in Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

The company has recently extended the offer until June 30, 2008. I highly recommend this fantastic service. This review is also posted on my Facebook page.

Thank you, Kormákur

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