Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photo Scanning Service: Lessons From the Industry Leader

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Question: How can it get any better than having the editor-in-chief from the world’s largest photography magazine rave about your service? [Click here to view Popular Photography, May 2008 issue].

Answer: Customer testimonials, personal social marketing blog posts from people across the nation and hundreds of newly created businesses. These comments and experiences shape our legendary services. Each encounter helps remind the public why ScanMyPhotos.com holds the edge by pioneering and commercializing Kodak super-fast technology for scanning photos.
Our 18-year track record and all the endearing word-of-mouth support affords our team with high-spirited confidence that our reinvention of the photo imaging business is working.

Today’s news that Hewlett-Packard is acquiring EDS, has a connection to ScanMyPhotos.com.
We too switched from a pure product-based (film photo retailing) business into a nationwide photo imaging service leader. H-P, along with Kodak, IBM and other industry leaders understand that today’s smart money is on building a service business - rather than just peddling products.

For ScanMyPhotos.com, our service is making people smile by preserving your photo memories, scanning and building photo albums, printing pictures, fixing your damaged photos with extraordinary restoration services and more [see link]. And, we do it fast, super-fast; all orders are scanned and mailed back the same day it is received.
Our magic means that there are not two-month delays in completing your orders, shipping pictures to India, or scanning on equipment that consumers can buy at Radio Shack. While our slide scanners cost $210,000, our photo scanners and software costs $60,000 which invites the challenge to compare services, prices, turn-around and length of time in business.

Our longtime customer over the past nearly two decades are familiar with our passion to constantly evolve and innovate. Even our website redesign is no longer news, because it is updated and enhanced every day. What you see today will be imitated by slow-paced dreamers who want to catch and replicate our creativity. We regularly have visitors - from start-ups to multinational conglomerates - who are searching for the next "new-new" thing. Often, they are bold enough to ask for advice and seek free help on how to copy our game plan. They study our website, but as soon as it is live, we are already onto the next project.

While we vigorously defend our proprietary business interests, it is encouraging that so many other entrepreneurs are opening up shop to scan pictures. It is a very large market - there are 3.5 trillion analog snapshots that need to be digitized.

Just as there is Google, YouTube and Starbucks, we remain encouraged by the strength of our brand and the steady addition of national recognition bestowed on our leadership in the photo imaging industry.

As our entire economy shifts toward a service-oriented structure, ScanMyPhotos.com has successfully combined our traditional photo imaging business with today’s ultramodern ecommerce photo enterprise.

Stay tuned for unprecedented new services at ScanMyPhotos.com that will eclipse our current business model. This summer, you will experience a host of new ways to share, save and display your photo memories. There will be new partnership announcements and helpful tips on how you can better enjoy your analog and digital photo memories.

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President and CEO - ScanMyPhotos.com

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