Monday, May 5, 2008

Katie the Scrapbook Lady’s 10 things to know about Digital Scrapbooking (via Katie the Scrapbook Lady)

Click here to read Katie The Scrapbook Lady's ten tips for digital scrapbooking, including the number one advice (below) which we are pleased includes the reference to Thanks, Katie!

  1. "Get some digital pictures uploaded into your computer, or scan some regular photos to use. You can use your own scanner but if you have a lot of pictures you want in digital form I really recommend using – I was very happy with the results and you can read about my experience here. Don’t worry about having every photo you’ve ever taken organized on your hard drive, just have some photos available to work with to get you started."

    1. Get some digital pictures uploaded into your computer

    2. Pick a photo editing program to use

    3. Learn how to use the photo editing program you pick

    4. Find digital designs to use on your pages

    5. Print your pages

    6. Share your layouts with others

    7. Keep looking for new ideas; my very favorite scrapbooking blogs are:
    Ali Edwards, Jessica Sprague, Sande Krieger, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Idea Books 4U
    Of course I also hope you will read my blog

    8. Backup! Backup! Backup!

    9. Organization is important

    10. Have fun!
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