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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Are Social Networking Sites Killing Yearbooks?

More changes underway for how we share and use pictures.

National Public Radio (NPR) reported about the possible demise of the yearbook in its Digital Culture segment in "Talk of the Nation" on May 6. The full segment is available to listen to online.
The hardcover yearbook used to be an indispensable part of the high school and college experience, says NPR, but today online social networking sites like
Facebook and MySpace allow students to memorialize their friendships online for free. As students become more reluctant to pay for a hardcover book, will social-networking sites bring about the yearbook's demise? Purdue University's yearbook, The Debris, has been published at the Indiana school since 1889. Editor-in-chief Kari Whisler talks to NPR about the final edition of The Debris, which will be published for the last time this summer.

[source: PMA Newsline, May 8, 2008)
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