Friday, April 25, 2008

The Digital Diva: With Record Fuel Prices, How To Save Gas

Bad news: Did you also read today that there was another record jump in crude prices, this will quickly translate into even high fill-up at the pump charges.

Solution: I recommend you review your daily driving habits and see what chores you can cut out or overlap to make just one car trip.

As for photography, thanks to technology, you can use the at home service to access their in-store photo kiosks to make your own photo enlargements, collage prints, scrapbooking pages, albums and dozens of other popular products. When you're done ordering, choose to have it delivered and you just saved on gas. Even if you're in a rush, their orders are all completed and mailed back the same business day.

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But, here's another Digital Diva tip with entertainment that can last a day and it's a lot of fun. Gather your family for a photo scanning party. Ask each person to bring all their snapshots - those thousand of pictures in shoeboxes. You collect and send off in the prepaid boxes.

Another gas saver too. And, this is a two-part party.

The same day the scanned pictures are received at the Irvine headquarters, it is completed and mailed back. Then the real fun begins. Call your friends and relatives over for a premier party. Gather everyone together and create a special celebration of all your adventures together.

Tip: Use a video camera to record the event and have all your guests comment aloud about each picture, scene and memory, explaining who the "in-laws" and "out-laws" were, and why. This is a smart tool for recording and preserving your family's genealogy. Get everyone involved, take turns playing cameraperson and zoom in on the people speaking, capture their expressions and emotions and record all the photos too for a lasting keepsake. If you are adapt at iMovie and other programs, like Powerpoint, just record the guests talking and add the photos afterwards as a split screen.
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