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Saturday, March 5, 2011

10,000 Photos Prepared for Scanning in 2-Minutes Using Kodak Technology at Order Online

10,000 Photos Prepared for Scanning in 2-Minutes Using Kodak Technology at

Order online at Pay just $699.00 for six prepaid boxes, holds more than 10,000 standard photos

That’s a big number, but according to The Photo Preservation Center, "many households collectively have more than 10,000 analogy photo snapshots stored away in shoeboxes."

The problem was how to safely and affordably have an entire family’s generation of pictures scanned? To help promote photo scanning and solve the challenge, The Photo Preservation Center launched The Great American Photo Scanning Project - see link.

The solution was 20-years in the making by founders, Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman. As well-known leaders in the photo imaging industry, their Irvine, Calif-based company, founded in 1990, has commercialized digital imaging services, including pioneering the super-fast photo scanning service by utilizing Eastman Kodak Company Document Imaging scanners and Kodak Capture software.

"Now, generations of family photos are prepared for scanning in under 2-minutes. That’s all it takes to click on and order the new prepaid fill-the-box Family Generation Collection service," said Goldstone . Then, just like the famed Kodak slogan, "You Press the Button We Do the Rest," the newest service includes safely sending out six U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail prepaid boxes - holding more than 10,000 standard photographs that consumers pack and drop off at their local Post Office; does the rest with same day scanning and return.

The Family Generation Collection includes

  • Pay just $699.00 for six prepaid boxes that combined hold 10,000 standard photo snapshots,
  • Same day fulfillment, scanning and return of the completed DVDs and original photos,
  • All Shipping and handling included,
  • One set of DVD data discs that archives each jpeg (300 dpi) image,

Until now, was famous for its nationwide fill-the-box scanning, but was faced with a challenge to expand the service after its involvement with the Artistry of Genealogy Awards. According to Goldstone, "the genesis for the expanded 10,000 photo scanning was based on many family historians asking for even larger packages to ship their photos in. They liked the flat-fee and same day service, but wanted something more."

More info, see and daily updates on its Tales from the World of Photo Scanning Blog [].

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