Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Favorite Photo Memory: Adam Meislik

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My father-in-law approached me to help him with a family tree project. I always look to technology to cover my laziness and I vaguely remembered a social network named that is based on family trees.

Once we started populating our family tree we wanted to post profile photos of each family member. I asked both my parents and my in-laws to give me their old family photos. In aggregate, they numbered approximately 3,000 all of which you scanned in a few batches in record time.

We then uploaded many of the photos to our family tree, tagged individuals in the photos and encouraged the now 1000+ strong membership to log-in and identify people in the photos.

Before we knew it, we had a rush of collaboration around these photos and numerous people in my extended family re-discovered each other. It is now a big source of happiness for my parent's generation and my great aunts and uncles. Close to my heart is my Great Aunt Estelle. At 90, she is usually logging into Geni to comment or correct information well past the end of Jay Leno.

I have attached a picture of Estelle and some other family members from a photo clearly taken in the 60s. These photos together with corresponding life-event information will be a valuable shared resource for years to come.

Adam Meislik, Orange County, California

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