Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why We Love Apple's iPhone: How to View Pictures on Your Apple iPhone?

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What are the top two most common questions receives on our 24/7 Live Support help desk?

  1. Why are we so inexpensive and fast? Answer: It's all about commercializing Kodak imaging technology and using innovations and the Internet to provide super-fast photo scanning at unmatched prices (With our prepaid fill-the-box scanning, when you buy two, you get a third box free; we scan upwards of 6,000 4x6 photos for $199.95 and it includes all shipping and same day return - that's about 2.5 cents a scan. See link for more info).

  2. How can I get pictures uploaded to iMac and iPhones? Answer: It's super-easy. digitally preserves your analog photos, slides and negatives as traditional jpeg files, so you can easily view your photo memories on all the latest Apple products.

    We have a great partnership with Apple, as some of their retail store employees independently promote to their customers. The reason: Once we digitize shoeboxes of analog snapshot memories, it's easier to up sell new computer hardware and software products, like iMovie, etc.

Another reason why we are such
enthusiastic Apple Fans

On Thursday, March 6th, the company is hoping to further promote new applications for the iPhone. The event, called "iPhone Software Roadmap" is designed for independent programmers to launch new iPhone applications. The "iPhone Software Roadmap" event will include the launch of other new enterprise features and discussion on the Software Development Kit (SDK) so third-party developers can add their applications to the iPhone and iPod. The invitation only event takes places on March 6th at Apple, Building 4, Town Hall.

Since the iPhone made its debut in June, software developers have bridled over how Apple hasn't allowed them to create programs that could tap into the device's full potential. To prevent viruses that could wreak havoc on the gadget, Apple has only allowed developers to make software that runs through the iPhone's Safari Web browser, but not more full-featured "native" applications that users could download and store on their phones.

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