Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Budget Travel: Freebie: "Get 1,000 Photos Digitized "

Our reply follows:

Sean - Thanks for your posting on our 1000 free photo scanning for members of the leading social networking sites. Your observations and feedback are especially helpful to us.

Just added Budget Travel's "This Just In" posting to our Blog: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning.

Nearly 1/2 of the 5+ million pictures we have scanned represent generations of travel pictures, so your comments will be helpful to encourage people to get their analog photos digitized, and you can't beat free for the first 1,000 photographs (just $19.95 S&H).
Of the travel photos, the three locations that most standout are decades of exterior shots on the Strip in Las Vegas (constantly changing), decades of tea cup and other Disney attractions - with lots of long-gone hair and clothing styles, and the most emotional site is that nearly every order has a family posed near the World Trade Center in NYC during happier times. Our blog has more info on this and other tales from the world of photo scanning

Mitch Goldstone President & CEO ScanMyPhotos.com
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