Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Photo Scanning and Digital Imaging News Profiles

Free Photo Scanning for Facebook®, MySpace®, Blogger® and Flickr® Members From

1,000 Free photo scans for Facebook, other networks

Photo Books Hit a Home Run for Holiday Gift-Giving - Market Watch

Tips for keeping your house in order - Mercury News

Analog Is Dead: Why All Photo Snapshots Must Be Digitized in 2008, Explains

Protecting Precious Memories and Data from a Fire - CBS News

CES: “Spotlight on Imaging” Conference CEO Mitch Goldstone to Speak at the Consumer Electronics Show

Great gift ideas booming - Chicago Sun Times

First Film, Now 4x6 Photo Snapshots Are Fading Away, Reports Photo Industry Expert

During the Writers Guild of America and Theatrical Stage Employees' Walkout, Watch Your Own Pictures: Says

Super Fast and Inexpensive Tips on How to Save Photographs on Computers - Yahoo! News

Speeding Up The Scanning Process – Family Tree Magazine (pdf)

How to digitize your life - USA Today CEO Mitch Goldstone to Speak at OSTA' Optical Storage Symposium - OC Register

Where Have All Your Digital Photos Gone?!’s image raised by USPS flat-rate box - DM News

Three Million Pictures Scanned and Fifty-Thousand USPS Co-branded Boxes Ordered by - Yahoo! News

The Record of Your Life as a Digital Archive - The New York Times

From Film to Digital to.....Cookies? - Popular Photography

Made in Irvine: Photo Discs - OC Register

Generations of Family Photos are Going Digital Super-fast at - Yahoo! News

Page from Reader Digest (JPG)

Article from Women's Health Magazine (PDF)

Microtech, Kodak and Work Together to Preserve Our Most Valuable Resources - Memories

Your Photos Say More Than You Think - Popular Photography

Labs see conversion of photos to digital images as a way back to profit - USA Today

Shoebox scanning services featured in the Wall Street Journal Launches; Offers One Price Batch Photo Scanning

30 Minute Photos Etc. Launches for Effortless and One Price Photo Scanning
Gadgetress Video Blog

30 Minute Photos Etc. Kodak ProLab Premium Member

30 Minute Makeover, Retailer 30 Minute Photos Etc. debuts new look, services (PDF)

NBC News Video on Scrapbooking Software (large file, please be patient)

Photo retailers benefit from 'Starbucks effect'

High-speed photo profits

Photos scanned superfast - OC Register

Super photo scanners DO exist! - OC Register

Digital Scrapbooking; Help For Women Who Love to Shop (Really!) - Newsweek's Steven Levy

Scanning made cheap and easy - Got Prints? - Popular Photography

Photo Industry’s Transitions from Film to Digital is Nearly Complete, Reports Photo Industry Executive - Yahoo! News

30 Minute Photos takes 'Starbucks approach' to photo kiosks

30 Minute Photos Etc. Redesigns Irvine Store with New Lucidiom Photo Kiosks
Putting a fresh face forward - OC Register

New Kodak technology will know what you are looking for in hunt for old pictures - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Cool Kodak Technology - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Retailer Spotlight: 30 Minute Photos Etc.Entrepreneurial Spirit Promotes His Business and the Industry 24/7

Shoeboxes full of photos give way to CDs - Irvine World News

Business Model Changed? How to communicate your new direction to customers. - OC Metro

Prioritizing the Myriad Challenges, Problems, and Diversions (pdf)

New technology is but a click away - OC Family

Photo Opportunities - Chicago Tribune

Divorce: Deciding Who Keeps the Pictures is Easyand Inexpensive with - Yahoo! News Archives Generations of Family Photos In Minutes

Photo Breakthough - Yahoo! News

30 Minute Photos Etc. scans hundreds of prints in seconds - OC Metro

Mitch Goldstone Leads a Rebellion - USC Marshall

Blow-up: Snapshots made to poster-size prints are becoming more popular - The New York Times

Photography Companies Try a New Approach - The New York Times

Defining Longevity - OC Metro

Back In Focus - OC Metro

Going Digital? - OC Register

Scan Photos, 35mm Slide and Negative Scanning, Photo Restoration, Digital Printing -