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Friday, February 1, 2008

Photo Preservation Center: Recommended Reading

The following books are recommended reading to learn more about photo preservation and digital imaging. We are also providing a brief synopsis and link for direct ordering through a third-party source.

Digital Photography for Busy Women

Description: By Laura Oles. How many times have you heard the story that someone ran into a burning house to rescue their favorite photos? Do your customers know they're more likely to lose digital photos in a hard drive crash than a house fire? And what about the pictures printed with their snazzy new ink jet printer? Do your customers think they'll stand the test of time? Digital Photography for Busy Women answers these questions and more by providing a wealth of information to help consumers make the most of their digital photos and safeguard them for the future.

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Going Digital: Simple Tools and Techniques for Sharing and Enjoying Your Digital Photos and Home Movies (Paperback), by Alex L. Goldfayn.

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The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography

Digital cameras are the hot new tech toy - but many of the millions of people who are buying the cameras aren't getting the most out of their new purchase. Mysterious icons, strange jargon, a dizzying array of imaging software and hardware... These stumbling blocks are quickly put aside when you read The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Photography.

This practical, lesson-based guidebook gives readers the tools they need to create great pictures. You get a step-by-step tutorial in getting bright, crisp, beautiful pictures from their digital cameras every time. Learn about exposure, file formats and quality settings, low-light photography, digital filters and white balance, composition and lens choice, and much more, all in a handy, bring-along format. Everyone who has a digital camera - or who is thinking about getting one - needs The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Photography!

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Additional Links for Recommended Reading
  1. The Digital Photography Book (Paperback), by Scott Kelby
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