Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The History of and Super-fast, Inexpensive Picture Scanning

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It all started in 1990, when 30 Minute Photos Etc. began as a boutique retail photo center, headquartered in Irvine, California. Today, the company also operates a nationwide online photo ordering service and regularly makes national news for our leadership, entrepreneurial innovations and super-fast service.

Years ago, the division commercialized a new type of super-fast Kodak photo scanning technology to safely digitize and preserve millions of photo snapshots. Slide scanning, negative scanning and VHS cassette transfer to DVD are other personalized specialties. Kodak high-speed scanning technology and our innovative, easy-to-order online prepaid, protected box makes it super-fast and super-easy. Order several prepaid fill-the-boxes, just $99.95 each, which holds many more than 1,600 snapshots, or pack up your own boxes full of photos and pay just $49.95 for up to 1,000 photos to be scanned. A similar fill-the-box online ordering service is available for VHS tape conversion - holds up to 14 standard VHS tapes, all prepaid for just $249.95.

The speciality is super-fast and easy ordering instructions, plus a 24/7 Live Support help desk to assist you.

Today, it is all about convenience and hassle-free personalized service. Our retail photo center features banks of photo kiosks for easy, do-it-yourself designing of custom photo gifts and reprints from your pictures. Your shoeboxes of photographs are also safely scanned in minutes and ready for pickup at our retail photo center, or carefully packaged for same day return delivery nationwide and overseas. It is also all about content.

Once you have thousands of newly digitized photos scanned, we provide innovative ideas and online ordering for custom photo products that are extraordinary, easy-to-design yourself and mailed back, also worldwide the same day. And, we also feature a 24/7 Live Support help desk to assist.

Trust and 18-years of professional photo industry experience are two of the reasons for our success; the third is our passion, we love the rich rewards of helping to protect our customers’ photo memories. protects your generations of analog photo memories. 30 Minute Photos Etc. helps create new memories from today’s pictures captured on your digital camera and saved on your computers. Tour the entire website for creative ideas and listings of all the other photo imaging services to help preserve and share your special memories. For daily updates and scanning tips, see our blog: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning

We delicately use professional Kodak high-speed imaging scanners to convert your images into 300 dpi JPEG files on a DVD-R data disc. You will be charged $49.95 for up to each 1,000 scans, no prorating, plus applicable tax and return delivery OR choose the prepaid option of $99.95, shipping included, to scan as many photos as you can fit into a box we ship to you. Since 1990, we are the experts at handling all photographic processing and digital imaging and specialize in super-fast same-day fulfillment.

Let us preserve your 35mm mounted color slides and negatives onto digital CDs. Slides are scanned at 2000 dpi which outputs at 500dpi @ 4x6 (2000x3000 pixels, or 6MP). The professional quality scans include a free photographic index print (contact sheet). Each image is individually color corrected and scanned using Digital ICE to get you the best possible scan.
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