Friday, March 7, 2008


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Smart way to preserve and share your recently scanned photos and digital images stored on your computer.

To redeem, when placing your order, mention this FREE PHOTO ALBUM OFFER, or copy and bring in this printout to automatically get an extra, duplicate photo album ($24.95 value) with each order, limit 8, online and in store orders. Discount cannot apply to prior orders, no cash value and you must mention this promotion to receive the free duplicate album(s).

*Get a FREE photo album with each one you purchase. Limit eight.

Do-it-yourself photo albums now available (these are different than the custom thumbnail photo memory books that display all your scanned photos). Holds about 75 of your favorite pictures. Professionally bound in hard cover albums and includes same day return!

  • BUY ONE-GET-ONE-FREE - Online orders only
  • Choose from 17 designer styles
  • Variety of colorful backgrounds
  • FREE preview to see online prior to ordering
  • Select custom layouts for each page
  • Add and move pictures where you want
  • Zoom, crop, remove "red-eye" and more
  • Add captions and journal messages to each page
  • Just $24.95 (buy one duplicate free, limit 8)
  • Instant Tracking, 24/7 Support!
  • 24/7 Live Support free help desk
  • Price compare: with discount, effectively just $12.48 per photo album
  • All orders completed and mailed back same business day
  • Must mention this offer when placing your order!
  • Hurry, this buy one-get-duplicate-one-free offer expires on August 30, 2008 and saves you $24.95 for each extra album

Click here for more info and to design, preview and order your albums right now

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