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Friday, February 1, 2008

Digital Photo Archiving Technical Forum Attended by in Las Vegas

Keeping Preservation Top of Mind, is the title of this digital photo archiving forum hosted by I3A on February 1st at the Las Vegas Hilton during PMA 2008

As part of the week long photo industry convention (PMA) executives attended the half-day forum. Company president and CEO, Mitch Goldstone separately addressed PMA and DIMA sessions during the week.

Digital Archiving Topics Included
  1. The State of Image Preservation by Steve Hoffenberg, Lyra Research. What is the state of digital image preservation? Will our generation be ultimately forgotten because we leave behind no visual records of our lives? When will the value of digital photography be ultimately realized? While the industry continues to drive forward developing new and fascinating image technologies, what about consumers? Do they even consider the preservation of their photo memories? What do they really know about digital image management and how to ensure those memories are preserved for future family generations?

  2. A consumer panel discussed what they think about the preservation issue, or whether they even think about it at all.

  3. Preservation Issues Affecting Consumers by Dave Bunzel, OSTA; Stephen Hagel, ACME works; Mark Mizen, Creative Memories; Troy Sechrist, Phanfare; Tony Stieber, HP Technology - Solution or Problem? This panel examined technology as a benefit and an impediment to saving consumer's photo memories. The industry continues to develop fascinating new image technology at a breakneck pace, but does it really benefit consumers who struggle with simple file copying and back ups? How can technology truly make consumer's lives easier rather than just more complicated? How do consumers know what products will really work for preserving their memories? How can technology make that task easier for them? Or does more technology just confuse the market and stymie growth? Can service providers do the work for them instead? How Can Metadata Help Solve the Preservation Problem? Kevin Connor, Adobe Systems Incorporated and Josh Weisberg, Microsoft Corporation. will also be attending the 11th Annual Spotlight Reception and Leadership Award Presentation at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel on February 1st as part of the I3A event.

The Digital Archiving Technical Form was presented by I3A — the International Imaging Industry Association. I3A's member companies from around the world are dedicated to developing and promoting the adoption of open industry standards, addressing environmental issues and providing a voice for the industry that will ultimately benefit all users. I3A is the product of the merger of the Digital Imaging Group (DIG) and the Photographic and Imaging Manufacturers Association (PIMA), with almost 60 years of combined imaging industry leadership.
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