Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Customer Profile: The Power of a Picture Scanned - Jimmy A.

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This picture [scanned by on Feb 21] is of former Flint Energies employees Cary Hayes and Reba Harrison, circa 1960's.

This is a tale of corporate history, instead of personal history. Flint Energies is one of nearly 1,000 rural electric cooperatives in the United States. Rural electric cooperatives were formed in the late 1930's and early 1940's to serve electricity in rural areas where no other company ever brought power lines. We are not-for-profit cooperatives, organized to serve a need at cost, instead of generating profits for shareholders.

Flint Energies was formed in 1937 and serves 17 counties of Middle Georgia from Columbus to Warner Robins, GA. With 80,000 consumer/members today, we are one of the largest rural electric cooperatives (but a very small electric utility).

We had all of our corporate history photos and slides in shoeboxes. For nearly 10 years, we had hoped for a better solution to imaging and storing our photos. An extensive Internet search found A box of family history photos is one thing, but imagine boxes and boxes of black and white photos, Polaroid's, 8x10's, Post-it notes stuck to the backs, slides, and some photos which were obviously set up for use by old-time lead-type printers.

Flint was very apprehensive about shipping our corporate history, but a meeting at the Anaheim Convention Center gave us an opportunity to bring 1000's of photos and slides from Georgia on a plane. (A fun side: Our photos traveled to Southern California in a carry-on bag so heavy, the security folks in Atlanta pulled us aside for a more formal search. The TSA employee said she had never seen so many photos in one place. "Is it just pictures all the way to the bottom," she asked. "I said yes and told her to search all she wanted....but please don't let any fall out."

It's a good thing that carry-on bags aren't normally weighed. Next time I will plan to ship my photos to I have five DVD's to show for my aching back!

Jimmy A. - Georgia

[Editors note: Jimmy is a Georgia resident and brought a suitcase of nearly 7000 pictures to be scanned during a business trip to California. He first learned about from our website and we are thrilled to have him as a great new customer and his photos represent what is nearly our 5-millioned picture scanned].
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