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Remember All Those Old VHS Tapes? Save VHS To DVD

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There are millions of VHS tapes that are in need of help. Most are fading away and your favorite home movies that were forever saved on those tapes are going to be forever lost. But, there is a solution.

Here's is a list of frequently asked, most common questions from customers around the country and yes, we have same-day service too.

  • Can you make a DVD of a VHS video movie I have bought at a store?
    Due to copyright laws, we cannot transfer any movie that is copyrighted including commercial movies, concerts, sports events, TV broadcasts without written permission from the owner of the copyright. While under "fair use" regulations, you yourself are allowed to make backup copies, we cannot offer this service as a business charging money for our service. It is illegal for us to do so.
  • Can recorded DVDs be played in my DVD player?
    Most DVD players can play DVD-Rs. While nearly most new models can play recorded DVDs, we ask that you please check your player's specifications before placing an order. We do not offer refunds because your DVD player does not play recorded DVDs.
  • What video tapes formats can you convert to DVD?
    We only accept standard VHS
    NTSC tapes.
  • Can you convert PAL videos to NTSC video?
    No, we can only accept standard VHS
    NTSC tapes for transfer to DVD.
  • I am worried about the quality of output movie. Does conversion from VHS to DVD degrade the quality? Unlike video duplication of the past, digitizing your VHS movies to DVD can improve the quality of the picture. While this is not a dramatic improvement, nor do we offer any additional movie cleaning, the process of converting analog to digital format does bring some noise filtering. As with anything though, the higher the quality of the original, the better the quality of the conversion.
  • Why is there a limit of 2 hours per disc?
    While it is possible to fit more than 2 hours of video on a DVD, we do not produce such discs because of quality degradation. In order to fit more data on a DVD-R more compression is required. MPEG2 compression used in DVDs is lousy: the more you compress the lower quality you get.
  • Will my DVD be playable in other world region?
    No, we only produce NTSC region-free DVDs which means they will only be playable in countries that support NTSC
  • Will my DVD be copy - protected?
    DVDs we record are not copy - protected.
  • Do you view your customers home movies?
    Your videos are private and we don't view videos sent to us, however we do have to view the beginning to ensure that it is not a copyrighted video to comply with Federal Copyright law and we'll randomly spot check the final DVD for quality assurance purposes.
  • Do you keep a copy of your customers video?
    After transferring video data successfully we erase the information and we don't keep any video copies of our customers.
  • My question is not answered here. Where can I obtain more information?
    Please contact us
    Live Support, email or via phone at 949-474-7654

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Gallery of Scans: It's All About You

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We want to engage our customer throughout the country and overseas to share their favorite photo memories. It's all about you! We are preparing to post many of the most memorable stories from pictures that were recently scanned at

What is your most special photo memory?

There is no charge to have your picture and story added to the Tales from the World of Photo Scanning blog.

Send that special photo that we already scanned, along with a personal message about what makes it so special to [email protected]

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Sign Up For Free Stuff From

Click here to add your email to get updates on free stuff from Current offer through March 15th is for 1,000 free photo scans, pay just $19.95 for S&H [click here for info].

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Angie Pedersen: "Scrapbooking Industry News"

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Thanks Angie for your blog posting on the 1,000 free photo scans from (pay just $19.95 for S&H). We have also extended the free service beyond members of Flickr, Blogger, MySpace and Facebook. The free scanning is also available to all military families (APO/FPO addresses only). has also extended the deadline until March 15th. Most of the Live Support and phone calls are asking how can scan 1,000 photos without charge nationwide and get the pictures and DVDs back in the mail the same day.

It is easy.

We are counting on everyone to use their social networking forums to write reviews and share their experience with us.

Click here to read Angie's blog posting and here to view Angie Pedersen's "The Blog of Me."

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Family Tree Magazine Mention

click here to view entire blog posting from Family Tree Magazine. Reprinted below.

It's a Valentine's Day gift for family history lovers: Through Feb. 29, is offering free scanning of up to 1,000 4x6-inch photos—all you'll pay is the $19.95 shipping fee (compared to the regular price of $49.95).What's the catch? The offer is open only to members of several major social networking sites: Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and Flickr (a photo-sharing network). You also have to be a US resident, and the offer's limited to one freebie per person or address. In exchange, asks that you post a review of its service. See the press release for further details.if you've been thinking about testing the social networking waters but haven't taken the plunge, here's a good incentive.

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1,000 Free photo scans for Facebook, other networks

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Shoebox scanning services featured in the Wall Street Journal Launches; Offers One Price Batch Photo Scanning

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30 Minute Photos takes 'Starbucks approach' to photo kiosks

30 Minute Photos Etc. Redesigns Irvine Store with New Lucidiom Photo Kiosks
Putting a fresh face forward - OC Register

New Kodak technology will know what you are looking for in hunt for old pictures - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Cool Kodak Technology - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

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Going Digital? - OC Register

The History of and Super-fast, Inexpensive Picture Scanning

Welcome to Tales from the World of Photo Scanning
Click here to imediately visit the site

It all started in 1990, when 30 Minute Photos Etc. began as a boutique retail photo center, headquartered in Irvine, California. Today, the company also operates a nationwide online photo ordering service and regularly makes national news for our leadership, entrepreneurial innovations and super-fast service.

Years ago, the division commercialized a new type of super-fast Kodak photo scanning technology to safely digitize and preserve millions of photo snapshots. Slide scanning, negative scanning and VHS cassette transfer to DVD are other personalized specialties. Kodak high-speed scanning technology and our innovative, easy-to-order online prepaid, protected box makes it super-fast and super-easy. Order several prepaid fill-the-boxes, just $99.95 each, which holds many more than 1,600 snapshots, or pack up your own boxes full of photos and pay just $49.95 for up to 1,000 photos to be scanned. A similar fill-the-box online ordering service is available for VHS tape conversion - holds up to 14 standard VHS tapes, all prepaid for just $249.95.

The speciality is super-fast and easy ordering instructions, plus a 24/7 Live Support help desk to assist you.

Today, it is all about convenience and hassle-free personalized service. Our retail photo center features banks of photo kiosks for easy, do-it-yourself designing of custom photo gifts and reprints from your pictures. Your shoeboxes of photographs are also safely scanned in minutes and ready for pickup at our retail photo center, or carefully packaged for same day return delivery nationwide and overseas. It is also all about content.

Once you have thousands of newly digitized photos scanned, we provide innovative ideas and online ordering for custom photo products that are extraordinary, easy-to-design yourself and mailed back, also worldwide the same day. And, we also feature a 24/7 Live Support help desk to assist.

Trust and 18-years of professional photo industry experience are two of the reasons for our success; the third is our passion, we love the rich rewards of helping to protect our customers’ photo memories. protects your generations of analog photo memories. 30 Minute Photos Etc. helps create new memories from today’s pictures captured on your digital camera and saved on your computers. Tour the entire website for creative ideas and listings of all the other photo imaging services to help preserve and share your special memories. For daily updates and scanning tips, see our blog: Tales from the World of Photo Scanning

We delicately use professional Kodak high-speed imaging scanners to convert your images into 300 dpi JPEG files on a DVD-R data disc. You will be charged $49.95 for up to each 1,000 scans, no prorating, plus applicable tax and return delivery OR choose the prepaid option of $99.95, shipping included, to scan as many photos as you can fit into a box we ship to you. Since 1990, we are the experts at handling all photographic processing and digital imaging and specialize in super-fast same-day fulfillment.

Let us preserve your 35mm mounted color slides and negatives onto digital CDs. Slides are scanned at 2000 dpi which outputs at 500dpi @ 4x6 (2000x3000 pixels, or 6MP). The professional quality scans include a free photographic index print (contact sheet). Each image is individually color corrected and scanned using Digital ICE to get you the best possible scan.

Learn How to Scan Photos, Slides and Negatives to DVD, and Convert VHS Tapes to DVD

For regular updates, tips and helpful recommendations on how to prepare your photos, slides and negatives for super-fast photo scanning click here. Remember, all photo scanning orders are scanned and mailed back the same business day. How to convert your VHS tapes to DVD? Answer is easy and you can order a prepaid box to make it super-simple. click here.

Prices as low as 2.5 cents for each photo scan. Rates based on our prepaid box scanning box. Pay one price, $99.95 to scan more than 1,600+ 4x6" pictures. Great for scanning Polaroids and most standard sizes. Best value: Buy 2 prepaid boxes, the 3rd is free: get more than 5,500+ pictures scanned with all free shipping for just $199.95 at

Use our 24/7 Live Support Help Desk to assist with your orderings.

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Send Us Your Story and Favorite Photo Memory

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With millions of pictures digitally preserved, is helping to protect generations of special photo memories.

What is your favorite photo and why is it so emotional? Share your photo and story with us.

[All submissions become the property of and you agree no content provided is copyrighted].

email: [email protected]

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Free 24/7 Live Support Help Desk

Real people from the southern California headquarters are always available 24/7 to help make sure you get extraordinary customer support. To access, visit and click on Live Support and ask away.

Friday, February 15, 2008 and 30 Minute Photos Etc. Orange County Service Range

Aliso Viejo 92656, Aliso Viejo 92698, Anaheim 92801, Anaheim 92802, Anaheim 92803, Anaheim 92804, Anaheim 92805, Anaheim 92806, Anaheim 92807, Anaheim 92808, Anaheim 92809, Anaheim 92812, Anaheim 92814, Anaheim 92815, Anaheim 92816, Anaheim 92817, Anaheim 92825, Anaheim 92850, Anaheim 92899, Atwood 92811, Brea 92821, Brea 92822, Brea 92823, Buena Park 90620, Buena Park 90621, Buena Park 90622, Buena Park 90624, Capistrano Beach 92624, Corona Del Mar 92625, Costa Mesa 92626, Costa Mesa 92627, Costa Mesa 92,628, Cypress 90630, Dana Point 92629, East Irvine 92650, El Toro 92609, Foothill Ranch 92610, Fountain Valley 92708, Fountain Valley 92728, Fullerton 92831, Fullerton 92832, Fullerton 92833, Fullerton 92834,, Fullerton 92835, Fullerton 92836, Fullerton 92837, Fullerton 92838, Garden Grove 92840, Garden Grove 92841, Garden Grove 92842, Garden Grove 92843, Garden Grove 92844, Garden Grove 92845, Garden Grove 92846, Huntington Beach 92605, Huntington Beach 92615, Huntington Beach 92646, Huntington Beach 92647, Huntington Beach 92648, Huntington Beach 92649, Irvine 92602, Irvine 92603, Irvine 92604, Irvine 92606, Irvine 92612, Irvine 92614, Irvine 92616, Irvine 92618, Irvine 92619, Irvine 92620, Irvine 92623, Irvine 92697, Irvine 92709, Irvine 92710, La Habra 90631, La Habra 90632, La Habra 90633, La Palma 90623, Ladera Ranch 92694, Laguna Beach 92651, Laguna Beach 92652, Laguna Hills 92637, Laguna Hills 92653, Laguna Hills 92654, Laguna Niguel 92607, Laguna Niguel 92677, Lake Forest 92630, Los Alamitos 90720, Los Alamitos 90721, Midway City 92655, Mission Viejo 92690, Mission Viejo 92691, Mission Viejo 92692, Newport Beach 92658, Newport Beach 92659, Newport Beach 92660, Newport Beach 92661, Newport Beach 92662, Newport Beach 92663, Newport Coast 92657, Orange 92856, Orange 92857, Orange 92859, Orange 92862, Orange 92863, Orange 92864, Orange 92865, Orange 92866, Orange 92867, Orange 92868, Orange 92869, Placentia 92870, Placentia 92871, Rancho Santa Margarita 92688, San Clemente 92672, San Clemente 92673, San Clemente 92674, San Juan Capistrano 92675, San Juan Capistrano 92693, Santa Ana 92701, Santa Ana 92702, Santa Ana 92703, Santa Ana 92704, Santa Ana 92705, Santa Ana 92706, Santa Ana 92707, Santa Ana 92711, Santa Ana 92712, Santa Ana 92725, Santa Ana 92735, Santa Ana 92799, Seal Beach 90740, Silverado 92676, Stanton 90680, Sunset Beach 90742, Surfside 90743, Trabuco Canyon 92678, Trabuco Canyon 92679, Tustin 92780, Tustin 92781, Tustin 92782, Villa Park 92861, Westminster 92683, Westminster 92684, Westminster 92685, Yorba Linda 92885, Yorba Linda 92886, Yorba Linda 92887

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100s of New Customized Ways To Share Your Photos

Just Added: Visit our all-new online photo service today. It's easier, more fun and features 100s of new photo ideas to order professional photographic reprints, albums, collage and scrapbooking designs, photo gift, announcement cards and more.

Tip: Choose your favorite photos that we scanned and custom design keepsake photo albums to share with your whole family. You choose the layout, design and add personalized journal message and your pictures appear exactly where you wont it. You can rotate, zoom, crop, change from color to black & white, remove "red-eye" and so much more. Give it a try - no charge to sample on screen.

All orders are immediately fulfilled and mailed back the same business day.

All new content just for you: Now that your photos are scanned, see what's new in photography from your snapshots and ideas on how to share your digital camera pictures too.
Extra personalized service. Click here.
Use our "24/7" Live Support help desk to reach a real photo technician right now.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

PHOTO PRESERVATION CENTER: the Voice of Photo Preservation

“The Photo Preservation Center” Founded as the Voice for Preserving Photos, Slides and Negatives by

Irvine, CA (News Release) Faced with the rapid growth of digitizing trillions of analog photos, the Photo Preservation Center ("PPC") has been established by as a principal resource for information on scanning and preserving generations of analog photo memories.

The official website for the Photo Preservation Center is

MISSION STATEMENT: PPC is designed to promote and foster the dissemination of information and host an international resource center for discussing all issues pertaining to the preservation of pictures. PPC is designed to facilitate the transfer of information and enhance awareness for the growing demand for converting analogy pictures, slides and negatives into digital images and promote new products and imaging services available for consumers to view, save and share their photo memories.

BACKGROUND: PPC further commercializes and supports the experiences and passions from leaders in the digital imaging industry in order to provide inspiration and tips on how to preserve photo memories and be a primary resource for the preservation of analog photographic images.

HISTORY: As the voice of photo preservation, PPC was founded by, a nationally recognized leader and pioneer in high-speed, affordable photo scanning. has already scanned more than four-million pictures and expects to digitally preserve more than seven-million photos by May, during its “Great American Photo Scanning Month” to coincide with “National Photo Month.” Established in 1990 at a retail photo imaging center by Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman, 30 Minute Photos Etc. is a well-known international leader in the photo imaging industry. It’s scanning division, pioneered super-fast photo scanning and is best known for its role in helping to commercialize KODAK’s imaging technology with super-fast, affordable photo scanning services.

HOW TO SCAN PHOTOS: All photo scanning services are completed same day (see website for ordering instructions):

1) RETAIL PHOTO CENTER - Consumers visit the retail photo center and headquarters in So. Calif to bring in their pictures, slides and negatives for scanning, after viewing the requirements for how to prepare their images, or;

2) FREE SHIPPING - Consumers use the online nationwide ordering to purchase prepaid, fill-the-box service to effortlessly have more than 1,600 4x6" photos scanned for just $99.95. [SPECIAL: Buy two get three USPS Priority mail co-branded box free for just $199.90 - holds more than 5,500+ pictures.

3) CUSTOM SCANNING - Consumers download the menu of ordering features online and pay a flat-rate to scan up to 1,000 photos for just $49.95. A variety of extra scanning enhancements, custom photo albums and reprints are also available and completed the same day.


1) Share creative photo preservation ideas, new technologies, services, viewpoints and innovative perspectives to provide support, tools and innovations to help preserve photo memories

2) Establish PPC as the voice of and leading community resource for promoting photo preservation

3) Create "The Great American Photo Scanning Month" to coincide with the annual "National Photo Month" in May

4) Offer keynote speakers and digital imaging experts to be available for media interviews

5) Serve as an ambassador for the photo imaging industry and community groups to promote photo preservation

6) Provide a forum to showcase new technologies and services to promote the preservation of analog photos
7) Share research and trends that impact the digital imaging and photo scanning industryPublish updates and tips to promote photo preservation

8) Discuss techniques, technology, innovations and overview of various scanning solutions

ABOUT US: As the voice of photo preservation, PPC was established to provide regular updates and tips on how to preserve photo memories. Regular updates are available on its website: and on its blog: “Tales from the World of Photo Scanning” []. has become a recognized leader and regularly responds to daily inquiries and questions about how to preserve photos, slides and negatives. The company is regularly invited to speak at industry events, including the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, Photo Marketing Association and the Consumer Electronics Show. is a division of 30 Minute Photos Etc., which was founded in 1990 and based in Irvine, Calif.

Premier partner sponsorships are available with exclusive category authority.

Contact info: Mitch Goldstone, Chairman, Photo Preservation Center, 92 Corporate Park Plaza, Suite B, Irvine, CA 92606, Email: goldstone (at), Ph: 949-474-7654, website:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

35mm Slide Scanning Review; Some background prior to sending your slides, photos and negatives for scanning...

Before you review and compare any digital archival imaging services, the first question must always be how long has the company been in business; after all, these are your precious photo memories that you are trusting us with. is a division of 30 Minute Photos Etc. which has a nearly 18-year legacy of history as leaders in the photo imaging industry. Part of the company's magical ingredient is that technology and innovations have always been just as important as customer service. Your 35mm mounted slides are scanned on a $210,000 Noritsu 3213 DLS digital lab.

That should be the basis for the second question? Are other services, most of which have sprouted up in the past two-years, using scanners that you can buy for a few hundred dollars? The time-saving labor and professionalism are reasons to trust a professional scanning service, but they shouldn't be using the same low-grade equipment you can buy at a chain store.

For, two-years is a special date and reason why so many start-up entrepreneurs have entered the business that we pioneered and commercialize using KODAK technology. The national media attention for our super-fast and inexpensive photo scanning service began after we addressed several sessions at the International Photo Marketing Association, which we have been members of since 1990. During those sessions, and others to industry leaders, our plan was widely shared and many tried to replicate it, but in most cases, without the same level of equipment and longevity in the photo business.

Among the many innovations practiced at is you will note that we do not have an "800" toll-free number. Instead we have a wide variety of easy ways to reach us. Toll-free numbers are so last decade, today, smart businesses have 24/7 Live Support help desks that are super convenient and easy to have your question answered by a real person. Our help desk operates around the clock and like all other work is based in southern California. If you don't want to chat with an operator talking a foreign language, why would you want to send your precious work overseas.

Third question is how quickly are will your order be fulfilled, even if you have an international order originating outside the U.S. If it takes upwards of 6-8 weeks (2-months) which is span of time promoted by others, ask the question, why? Wouldn't you want to have your order completed the same day it arrives for processing? That has been our mandate since were were founded to always complete orders when they are received, not weeks later. In most cases, your slides are scanned and prepared for return the same day it is received.

Reach us anytime,

WebServices Photo Expert
Ph: 949-474-7654
[email protected]

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008 WGN Radio Interview

Thanks to Alex. Goldfayn's The Technology Tailor Show and our 15-minute interview on Saturday evening on WGN Radio. It was broadcast to 38 states and Canada and our Live Support Help Desk has been ringing non-stop since the program.
An audio link to the program will be posted on our blog once available.
Background: The Technology Tailor Show on Chicago's WGN Radio airs weekly every Saturday night, from 6PM to 8PM central time on WGN Radio. WGN's signal reaches 38 states and Canada, but, if you can't catch it on-air, you can listen online here. Host and author, Alex L. Goldfayn is one of the nation's most influential and well recognized tech experts who reports on tomorrow's trends today. The program, along with caller questions, addresses what’s new in technology and helps you decide if it’s worth your hard-earned money. Alex's trademark approach is to always make technology easy to understand so you can learn how to apply technology to your life and work.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Photo Preservation Center: Recommended Reading

The following books are recommended reading to learn more about photo preservation and digital imaging. We are also providing a brief synopsis and link for direct ordering through a third-party source.

Digital Photography for Busy Women

Description: By Laura Oles. How many times have you heard the story that someone ran into a burning house to rescue their favorite photos? Do your customers know they're more likely to lose digital photos in a hard drive crash than a house fire? And what about the pictures printed with their snazzy new ink jet printer? Do your customers think they'll stand the test of time? Digital Photography for Busy Women answers these questions and more by providing a wealth of information to help consumers make the most of their digital photos and safeguard them for the future.

click here to order via - $19.95

Going Digital: Simple Tools and Techniques for Sharing and Enjoying Your Digital Photos and Home Movies (Paperback), by Alex L. Goldfayn.

Click here to order via - $11.01

Click here to visit Mr. Goldfayn's Technology Tailor website

The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography

Digital cameras are the hot new tech toy - but many of the millions of people who are buying the cameras aren't getting the most out of their new purchase. Mysterious icons, strange jargon, a dizzying array of imaging software and hardware... These stumbling blocks are quickly put aside when you read The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Photography.

This practical, lesson-based guidebook gives readers the tools they need to create great pictures. You get a step-by-step tutorial in getting bright, crisp, beautiful pictures from their digital cameras every time. Learn about exposure, file formats and quality settings, low-light photography, digital filters and white balance, composition and lens choice, and much more, all in a handy, bring-along format. Everyone who has a digital camera - or who is thinking about getting one - needs The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Photography!

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TIPA Awards names 36 imaging products as the best in Europe

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) announces the winners of the 2008 TIPA Awards. This year, the editors of 27 TIPA member magazines from 11 European countries that voted for the best imaging products in Europe in 2008, awarded 36 photo and imaging products. TIPA was founded in Paris, France, in 1991. It is a nonprofit association registered in Spain, and consists of editors from 27 amateur, professional, and trade magazines from 11 countries.

TIPA Awards 2008:

· Best DSLR Entry-Level: Sony Alpha 200
· Best DSLR Advanced: Canon EOS 450D
· Best DSLR Expert: Nikon D300
· Best DSLR Professional: Nikon D3
· Best Medium-Format D-System: Sinar Hy6
· Best Ultra Compact Digital Camera: Samsung NV24HD
· Best Compact Digital Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500
· Best Superzoom Digital Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S100FS
· Best Entry-level Lens: Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS
· Best Expert Lens: Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm f/2.8-4 SWD
· Best Professional Lens: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED
· Best Prestige Camera: Sigma DP1
· Best Innovative Design: Manfrotto ModoSteady 585
· Best Flatbed Photo Scanner: Canon CanoScan 8800F
· Best Small Format Photo Printer: HP Photosmart A826 -- Home Print Centre
· Best Expert Photo Printer: Epson Stylus Photo R1900
· Best Multifunction Photo Printer: Canon PIXMA MP970
· Best Large Format Printer: Epson Stylus Pro 11880
· Best Fine Art Inkjet Paper: Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk
· Best Imaging Storage Media: SanDisk Extreme Ducati range
· Best Imaging Innovation: Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1
· Best Photo Software: Apple Aperture 2
· Best Color Management System: X-Rite ColorMunki Photo
· Best Accessory: Metz Mecablitz 48 AF-1 Digital
· Best Digital Accessory: Wacom Cintiq 12WX
· Best Photo Frame: Sony DPF-V900/DPF-V700
· Best Expert Photo Projector: Panasonic PT-AX200E
· Best Professional Photo Projector: JVC DLA-HD100
· Best Film: Kodak Professional New T-MAX 400
· Best Camcorder: Panasonic HDC-SD9
· Best Mobile Imaging Device: Nokia N82
· Best Retail Finishing System: Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange (Apex)
· Best Photo Kiosk: Sony Compact Picture Station
· Best Photographic Display: Samsung SyncMaster XL30 LED BLU
· Best Photo Service: CeWe Photobooks
· Best Storage Back-up: LaCie 2big Triple

Digital Photo Archiving Technical Forum Attended by in Las Vegas

Keeping Preservation Top of Mind, is the title of this digital photo archiving forum hosted by I3A on February 1st at the Las Vegas Hilton during PMA 2008

As part of the week long photo industry convention (PMA) executives attended the half-day forum. Company president and CEO, Mitch Goldstone separately addressed PMA and DIMA sessions during the week.

Digital Archiving Topics Included
  1. The State of Image Preservation by Steve Hoffenberg, Lyra Research. What is the state of digital image preservation? Will our generation be ultimately forgotten because we leave behind no visual records of our lives? When will the value of digital photography be ultimately realized? While the industry continues to drive forward developing new and fascinating image technologies, what about consumers? Do they even consider the preservation of their photo memories? What do they really know about digital image management and how to ensure those memories are preserved for future family generations?

  2. A consumer panel discussed what they think about the preservation issue, or whether they even think about it at all.

  3. Preservation Issues Affecting Consumers by Dave Bunzel, OSTA; Stephen Hagel, ACME works; Mark Mizen, Creative Memories; Troy Sechrist, Phanfare; Tony Stieber, HP Technology - Solution or Problem? This panel examined technology as a benefit and an impediment to saving consumer's photo memories. The industry continues to develop fascinating new image technology at a breakneck pace, but does it really benefit consumers who struggle with simple file copying and back ups? How can technology truly make consumer's lives easier rather than just more complicated? How do consumers know what products will really work for preserving their memories? How can technology make that task easier for them? Or does more technology just confuse the market and stymie growth? Can service providers do the work for them instead? How Can Metadata Help Solve the Preservation Problem? Kevin Connor, Adobe Systems Incorporated and Josh Weisberg, Microsoft Corporation. will also be attending the 11th Annual Spotlight Reception and Leadership Award Presentation at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel on February 1st as part of the I3A event.

The Digital Archiving Technical Form was presented by I3A — the International Imaging Industry Association. I3A's member companies from around the world are dedicated to developing and promoting the adoption of open industry standards, addressing environmental issues and providing a voice for the industry that will ultimately benefit all users. I3A is the product of the merger of the Digital Imaging Group (DIG) and the Photographic and Imaging Manufacturers Association (PIMA), with almost 60 years of combined imaging industry leadership.
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