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What's The Buzz on Super Fast Photo Scanning to DVD?

From around the country and overseas, read what people who have used the many digital photo scanning, photo restoration and online photo ordering have been saying:

  • I just received my DVD and photos back. I was amazed at how quickly they arrived, especially during the holiday time period and shipping to Sydney. Thank you for your excellent service! It all looks great. What a fabulous time saver. Joe T. Surry Hills, NSW [Australia, via our International FedEx Priority service]

    I wanted to say thank you for preserving all of our old pictures and putting them on a dvd. I am loading them all onto an Ipod for my wife for Christmas. This process was going to cost into the thousand dollar range with other providers and you did a better job for much much less! I can't wait to see her face when she sees 20 years of pictures all captured digitally!! The turnaround time was amazing - I can't believe you got the pictures shipped out the same day. Thanks again -- E. Raucci, Crystal Lake, IL

    Received the three (3) new CD's, with our 500 slide digital images today..... They turned out GREAT and they work in our computer fine..... We want to thank you for the great service and the extra effort that you have given to our order....... We will have another order for you to process as soon as we have time to go through our remaining slides......THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU........ G. Hensel, Strasburg, Ohio

    I received today my photos, the books and the dvds. I think you and your people do amazing work. I am so pleased...and relieved to have these photos put into more usable formats I mailed off box 3 today. And I have started work on box 4. (counting the first one which wasn't one of the prepaids.) Thanks for personally keeping up with things. Janet Yee - Minneapolis, MN

    I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with my photo scans. The quality is wonderful! I am so pleased with the customer service I received from [] 30 Minute Photos Etc. The communication was wonderful and my order was completed in record time! Thank you so much for providing a wonderful service! - D. Clancy, Whitman, MA

    A Big Thank You to You and all at [] 30 Minute Photos Etc. We had such a wonderful experience doing business with you. We began this project sometime ago. We covered a span of 30 years plus of photos, remembering the events, organizing them, recalling the dates and people. That process turned these pictures into a valuable family treasure. Our 22,000 photos would have taken me years to scan. In just a few short hours, you made the time consuming part go away and have allowed the creative story telling to begin. I just finished going thru the scans and they turned out great. Our experience with you and your crew was so professional and personal, you treated us just like family. We again thank you for taking excellent care of our photos and of us. We were able to combine a day at Disneyland with our trip to see you. You helped make our trip a lot of fun and very memorable. We will be highly recommending you to family and friends. Sincerely, Cindy Jenkins and Diane Vayer P.S. In The Wall Street Journal, believe we increased your biggest order now to 22,000. GREAT JOB !!!

    Thanks for your prompt service on our scan order. The results were fantastic! - Regards, Jim Hayes, Fallbrook CA

    Pardon my bad manners for not acknowledging receipt of the wonderful photo album and enhanced disk. I really appreciate it. I am gathering more photos to send to you and I've told everyone about your great service. You have no idea how happy I am to have found your company. Scanning my photos has been on my to-do list for years. Now I can rest easy knowing that if the house burned down and I lost all my photo albums, I have a disk of all the photos in the safe deposit box. Thanks again! - Joyce H. Redwood City CA

    Thank you so much! I will be ordering with you again - very shortly - this service is terrific! - Pam K. Basking Ridge NJ

    I do think that you did a great job on our pictures and everything came back in the order that I sent them. I will share the DVD's with our children and grandchildren. . - Sandy Jordan

    This will be my fifth and last box of pictures. I am so very pleased with the way you have treated my pictures and I love the CDs. I come from a big family and have passed on your services so they can use them too. Iowa, Illinois and Wash D.C. …. They too will use your company. Thanks again and I’m looking at many slides, so I’ll see you again I know. Catherine Martinez - Tucson, AZ

    I have received the package and in record time! I am really pleased with all the photos… the quality is excellent and … I think it was well worth it…. I was a bit apprehensive about sending off all my old photos (perhaps never to be seen again) but you guys got them back to me before I really even had a chance to worry about them. I just wish I had not been in such a hurry and that I had more time to pull together more photos to send off. Thanks very much and I especially appreciated that there was a real person on the other end who replied to my e-mails and made me comfortable doing business with your company. I have already told my friends and it wouldn’t surprise me if you got a few more orders from Arctic Canada. Take care, Debbi – NT, Canada

    I am sooooo glad I sent all those pictures away to ( I got by pictures back yesterday and I am really, really impressed. And the pictures turned out great. The Phillips Family

    I'm so excited to have more than 1300 "new" photos to digi scrap with! I would wholeheartedly recommend this service! And a note to my Mom... You NEED to do this because then I will have thousands more photos to play with!
    Katie the Scrapbook Lady

    That was so fast. It is unbelievable to me that my pictures were in Texas yesterday afternoon and you have them done already. I will certainly spread the word to all I know…you all are AWESOME! Thank you also for taking the special time to send me this email update. Your promptness means a lot. L. McElduff - Katy, TX

    I received the pictures back and they look fantastic. I especially appreciate the photo book and will get online to check out the pictures. I was very impressed with your service and how you sent it back - and a Starbucks card - now that was a nice surprise. I'll definitely use ScanMyPhotos again and will tell friends. Thanks so much and congrats on expanding internationally - that's fantastic! Kathy R – Atlanta, GA

    I had the pleasant experience of using recently. About 2,500 of my photos quickly came back digitized – a wonderful service! Thank you again for your fine services. G. Jenkin, Carrollton, TX

    Thanks for scanning my pictures, and I also wanted to say congratulations for the pioneering of your product... The process could not have been any easier. P. Castro - Orange County, CA

    I have used your scanning services twice since reading about it in The Wall Street Journal. I must say that the first time was a bit unnerving. I mean shipping off decades of photos is like sending a kid to camp. But to my delight the process was turned around in a couple of days and I now face the arduous task of organizing all these digitized photos. I have recommended your service to many friends and I am in the process of going for one more box. Great work and a great idea. V. Arcaro - Toluca Lake CA

    Greetings from West Michigan. Thank you for getting back to me so fast. Can't believe how efficient your company is. I'm organizing the pictures and will send back today or tomorrow. Had tons of pictures but some of them were junk so I got rid of part of it. But I'll still fill up a box. I also have a bunch of slides, maybe 500 to 800. I want to do the same thing with those. What is the procedure for that? Sincerely, M. Heyns
    Reply: Mike – Great to hear from you and we always enjoy all feedback. To have us scan 35mm mounted slides, please click on this link for complete pricing and ordering instructions. This
    link includes the Slide Scanning Order Form which should be printed and included with your order. Please note that slide scanning is separate from photo scanning and request placing a separate order.

    [] What a great job you guys do! I filled my box with over 2000 (!) photos, and many of the electronic versions of the photos look as good as the ones that I take on my digital camera! I've still got at least 1500 more old photos, and I'm putting in my next order today. What a great service! - A. Jacobs, New York, NY

    Photos and CD arrived in great shape. You did a wonderful job. Many thanks, E. Johnson - Midland, TX

    Mr. Bulkeley:As a subscriber to the WSJ your recent article on companies that provide mail order photo scanning prompted a visit to our attic where many old family pictures have been hibernating for years. After tossing out more than 2000 images I sent a manageable 1800 photos off to in their prepaid box. It took only one week to turn around the process and have a disc in my hand for viewing. The scanned images look great on our TV -- except they reminded us when our hair was darker and our suit size was a perfect 40 ... the price of age and retirement! Thanks for the article that provided the incentive to do something about our old photos. Keep up the good journalism! Kind regards, Jonathan Stolz

    The DVDs and thumbnail album are fabulous. Thanks for your good work, and for the incredible speed with which you turned it around. We are thrilled to have been able to pick things up before heading home to VA. Rory & Linda Walck - Virginia

    I just received my photos and I am absolutely delighted with them. It is truly a joy to be able to look back over these memories without having to sort through boxes of old photos. Thank you for the prompt and excellent service. I will definitely be referring all my friends and family! Warmly, J. Caffray, Charlotte, NC

    Thank you so much! You have saved me hours of time. I have told everyone I know about your service and will absolutely refer them to you! I have more photos that will need to be completed but needed these quickly. Thank you so much and I cannot wait to see the finished product. M Bigane, Chicago, IL

    I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful customer experience I had in your store this weekend. The pictures turned out great and I have told a bunch of my friends and colleagues who had no idea that it was possible to digitize so many pictures so fast. I suspect you are going to get quite a few people to come through your door from my referral. Thanks again... it's so nice to finally patronize a business where service really matters. Cheers, Eric Olander, Orange County, Calif.

    I am so glad I came across your information in
    Popular Photography Magazine. I was going to undertake doing this myself but once I realized how many photos I had I would have never been able to do it. I was so pleased with the prior order that I just sent another 4 shoeboxes (in one large box). S. Nison, East Brunswick, NJ

    Thanks for converting those family photos from my grandmother yesterday. The pictures turned out great. Mitch and his company did a great job in converting my old family photos that I inherited from my grandmother into digital images! My parents and family loved them. Now, we'll be able to share these photos amongst all of the grandchildren. L. Huffman, Orange County, Calif.

    I first learned about Shoebox Reprints from Popular Photography Magazine, August, 2006 issue. My dilemma was that I had 7000 photos prints scattered in multiple albums. This collection spanned some 20 years. The thought of scanning all these to my computer was not at all palatable.After reading this article, I said to my wife this is too good to be true for the price quoted. I called and spoke to Mr. Mitch Goldstone at 30 Minute Photo. I liked what he had to say. I then purchased seven photo boxes, and chronologically sorted these in quantities of 1000 per box. I ultimately sent three orders to 30 Minute Photo e.g.; 3000, 2000, 2000. For each order I enclosed written instructions e.g. Box #1,scan front of box to rear of box, etc. As soon as 30 Minute Photo received my order, I received an e mail stating that my order had been received. About two hours later, I received another e mail stating that my order of 3000 photos had been scanned and they were on there way back to me. What I received was my photos that were sent back in the same box, and same chronological order that I sent. In addition to this, I received CD’s with 500 Jpeg files per disc. I have subsequently uploaded these to my computer, and have renamed files, and make backup copies. I have viewed these on my computer, and television as a slide show. The quality of the scan is excellent. Mitch states that they are scanned at least 300dpi. I am impressed with the quality of the scan, as well as the service provided by 30 Minute Photo. I would highly recommend this service that was provided. My wife has a plethora of photos that at some point in time will be scanned. Charlie, Tucson, AZ

    I got home today, after one of those days that seem to happen more frequently these days, and went to check the mailbox. What did I find but the photos that I ordered for printing on Saturday! Today is Monday! I couldn't believe it. I was sure that you had sent me someone else's photos by mistake. But alas, they are mine. I can't get over the speedy delivery. Thank you. I will definitely be using your services again and putting in a plug with all my friends. Thanks again, Derrick & Sarah Houston, Denton County, TX

    I not only was surprised that the photos arrived there so quickly, but was even more surprised by how quickly you got them into your processing queue and proceeded with the order. I also appreciate the communication about progress. Your service for prints of multiple sizes seemed like an incredible bargain and I'm looking forward to seeing the results and being able to manipulate those electronic files. Many thanks, Michael , Long Beach, CA

    The returned photos and digitized files arrived today, an amazingly quick turnaround. The quality is superb! Even at half the 1000 photo maximum, to me this also represents an incredible bargain. Thanks so much. Michael

    I think that this type of photo scanning you offer [] should be a home run - since there are billions if not trillions of 35mm prints out there that should be digitized - D. Pelletier , Chicago, IL

    There are a lot of companies who will not deliver to APO's [military addresses overseas]. So when we find someone who is willing to it means a lot. We look forward to seeing our wedding pictures. Thank you so much! Angela and Seth Swartz, (APO) American Post Office, Allied Forces Europe.[ specializes in providing the identical same day fulfillment with delivery to APO/FPO addresses to military bases abroad]

    I am remiss in not thanking you sooner. The photos, especially for my sister, Cathy, were enormously satisfying and upbeat. They made our family occasion very special and her reward was a wonderful one. You always go above and beyond, and I will certainly continue to recommend everyone come your way. This is an excellent and important service for all of us with photos in our shoeboxes that need to see the light of day. Many thanks again, Bob Witeck, Washington D.C.

    Just wanted to thank you for the great package of photos you gave to me and my fiancee. She just showed them to me, and we love them!! It's going for a beautiful video montage of photos for our wedding . You guys did such a great job. Joelle told me she really enjoyed talking to you the other day; thank you for the nice words you had to say about me. Thank you the $5 Starbuck's gift card; now I see what you were saying in our interview about those nice little perks to stick in customers' orders -- they really do make a customer feel good. Most of all, this photo scanning order we did with you truly brings home , on a personal level, what you were saying about providing memories: It's really true about how priceless photos are for a family. For example, my soon-to-be mother-in-law just had those photos sitting around for 40 years and no one was ever going to see them; now that we have had them scanned, it will be the greatest gift of joy for both of our families. Regards, Paul Sterman

    I recently placed an online order and had the photos in my hot little hand the very next day! Excellent!! The quality was as great as Tara Whitney promised me they would be. You can expect more orders from me soon! I will spread the word about your services! Thank you!!!!! Karen C., Anaheim Hills, CA

    Thanks so much for doing this! I have yet to find any other business (with the exception of In-N-Out Burger) that equals your great customer service. This is a huge help to me and I'm sure the prints will result in a couple of great Christmas gifts! Thanks again! Happy Holidays, Nick

    Thank you for the excellent quality and speedy delivery of my printed photos. I also received thirty “Season Greetings” photo cards of the group photo of my military co-workers at no charge. I will defiantly refer my family and friends to you for all of their digital photo printing needs. - SrA Kelly Karl, 188th Fighter Wing, Fort Smith, AR

    Hi! even though it's 90 degrees here in NY, I'm thinking about our Christmas cards! We've had your company do our cards for the last two years, and we have been very pleased with your service and with the quality of the cards. Thank you! - Susan Taylor

    I love love love your site. You always do such an exceptional job with my pictures and I love the quality and the service I get from you guys. I will forever be a customer and refer everyone I can!! You guys are amazing!!! Thanks so much, Candace Leonard

    All the Staff at 30Minute Photos, I want to thank everyone for the excellent service I've gotten the last few times I sent files via the web for development. I send my files on a Tuesday and by Friday the photos are in my mailbox (and I live in Pennsylvania). I wanted to extend my thanks in writing because so often in todays environment these things are left unsaid. I will continue to do business with this awesome company and have passed on this website to all my friends and family. THANK YOU! Regards, Debi Batz

    I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with 30 min. photo. The turn around time was incredible and when I opened up the box yesterday and saw the quality of the photos I was so impressed. It's hard to find good customer service these days, and you guys are great. On two different occasions I made a mistake and upload the wrong photo and one with low resolution, and you were quick to give me advice so I didn't waste my money. You are doing the right thing, because I'm going to use your service for all my wedding photos and albums (I plan to make a few for family). I've also told my friends at IBM and family. Keep up the good work!!! Honest caring customer service goes A LONG WAY!!!! TRUST ME! :) Thanks again, Rachel Z.

    Dear folks at 30 Minute Photos: Just wanted to share with you some news... I submitted two photographs processed by you to this year's New York State Fair photography competition. One of my entries earned an "Honorable Mention" in its class, and the other earned... get ready... FIRST PLACE! Actually, you folks have processed quite a few of my images, including the two I entered to last year's NY State Fair... both of which earned "honorable mentions." Thanks for doing a great job with your digital processing, and for having such reasonable prices, too!! -
    Flavia Huber, owner/photographer/artist

    Thank you for your email. I must tell you that I love your service. The pix I have received back have been awesome! Thank you for your hard work - Melaina

    Many thanks to you all for such a fast shipment and high quality photos! Many thanks too for giving us all a military discount. We certainly appreciate the positive support from folks like you! It was a true pleasure to do business with you and I hope for many years to come too! - Sincerely, Bryan Smith

    30 Minute Photos Etc. is EXCELLENT. Their work is great, they are VERY fast (i usually have my prints in about 3 days...& i live on the east coast. i think they are in California). their customer service can't be beat. i had a damaged order. they reprinted the ENTIRE questions asked & i had it also within 3 days. - Sam Cousins

    I used your services for the first time, last week, when I uploaded my Mother's doctoral degree graduation pictures. I had the pictures delivered directly to her so I was a bit apprehensive about what they would look like (quality, etc.). When my Mom received the pictures she was THRILLED at the quality and size of the pictures. And I was thrilled at the speed in which she received them. Well, a day later I received your "thank you for your order card" with the picture I'd uploaded for you develop on it and was just in awe at how good that looked. So, just yesterday, I decided that I would upload my sister's business card to have it printed by Instead of "business cards" I thought it would be great to have "business pictures" printed. As I mentioned I placed my order yesterday and received the photos today! I was in awe, not only of the speed of getting them, but they are absolutely fabulous! I really think they are going to be a great part in the success of my sister's new business! I just wanted to let you know that 30MINPHOTOS.COM ROCKS! I can't ever seeing myself printing out another picture, and definitely not having my digitals developed anywhere else. YOU CAN COUNT ON A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE IN ME and I will refer all my friends to you, for sure! I'll have another order in July after the birth of my new baby! These are going to be the most gorgeous birth announcements ever developed!One last thing, on behalf of my husband who is a US Naval Officer and allthe other military spouses and families, thank you, sincerely, for the militarydiscount! It means a great deal! Thank you, so much! Very sincerely, Cecelia A. Yopp

    The service we receive from your company is great! We have been extremely happy with everything you have done for us! I have told many people about your services! - Jan Homeyer

    I was *blown away* by the turnaround time to delivery on my last order!!!! - Lisa Valentine

    Very good customer support and providing the
    ICC profile made a big difference in my prints. Thanks. - E. Padilla

    Nice to do business with you. Very effective. Very responsive. I hope you don't mind, but I sent your last email about FedEx to friends at the ocbizjournal, and suggested they write you up, at any rate, if it comes to pass, great, eh? - Larry Thomas

    As usual, fantastic service! Extremely quick turnaround, super high quality and excellent selection of photo card backgrounds. - Eric Akiyoshi

    I got the photos today, they look great, thank you very much. You have a gold mind with this company. Thanks again, I plan on using you again soon. I personally am a huge photography freak and ever since I got my digital and had my children, I take pictures all the time. Usually I print them myself, but I was very impressed with [your] quality. - Veronica Welch

    From a professional photographer customer: "I just thought I'd share this comment that I received from a 'soccer mom'. 'Okay, I love 30 Minute Photos Etc. I just got everything printed out and I could zoom in, center again, etc...I just bought a digital camera and am going to experiment with the kids' Christmas picture tonight. Thanks, Sheila.' I shoot the home soccer games for her son's HS team and Sheila needed a place to not only get her prints, but she need a little hand holding, since she is new to digital photography. It's nice that your customer service make me look good :-)" - Paul R.

    "Thank you! You probably don't remember, but I tried to use your lab when I first went digital and kept having problems with the I ventured out to other labs, and unhappy with their quality, I tried you guys again. and I am so glad I did. I haven't had any problems at all and your customer service cant be beat, that is for sure. (starbucks giftcard?? hello!). I am a designer for an online scrapbooking website, (the number one scrapbooking site on the web) and women are constantly asking me about my photos and where I get them developed. so be prepared for an onslaught of orders next time someone asks me. I will definitely point them to you." - T. Whitney

    "30 Minute Photos is the best! In addition to outstanding customer serviceand product of the highest caliber, 30 Minute Photos supports the communityand so many wonderful causes. 30 Minute Photos has shown time and againthat it stands behind the goal of the American Cancer Society to make thedisease a thing of the past." - LaVon Kibodeaux, American Cancer Society, Orange County, CA.

    "Thank you so much for helping me with the reprints for the collage frames. The photos look great and my parents were happily surprised!I really like the new 'Wizard' program on your website. I just showed my parents how to use it and they sent an order this evening. We enjoyed finding surprises with our last two orders - box of chocolates and a Christmas card sample!" - Kristine L.

    "I will pick up this order the second it is finished. Thanks guys! I love this website!" - Teressa I., Newport Beach, CA.

    "I just received my prints (and candy bar!), and the prints are just great. They do indeed look like film. They have good color, good contrast and brightness. This is a fabulous service at a great price. Please convey my compliments to your staff." - Bill W.

    "I have been ordering from your website. It's a breeze to use, prints on higher quality paper, and delivers more quickly than the other service I was using. Great job. I just received two orders in the mail with a photo CD (which wasn't ordered) and a candy bar (which I devoured with my lunch). I don't know who was responsible for the bonus items, but I wanted to thank you" - Dave B.

    "Thanks again for taking such good care of my photos. The Xmas cards you sent us are also pretty funny. As said, I LOVE the photo wizard, so will no doubt continue to send you the pix that way." - Ellen, Malibu, CA
    "I did use the service and it was GREAT...thank you...I have since shared it with the rest of our employees and they are very anxious to try it as well." - Pat H.

    "Thanks for providing such great quality prints at such low prices. :)" - Jessica, Virginia Beach, VA
    "As usual, you and your staff have delivered great results! I appreciate you accomodating my request for matte prints. This new digital service you implemented is wonderful." - Eric A.

    "The website ordering couldn’t have been more slick and the photos turnedout fabulous! Is technology great, or what???!!! Thanks for this very newand nice capability!"- Karen V.

    "The pix look good. I will be sending more orders your way. Thanks" - Katherine C.

    "This is so easy. I never thought I'd make it to Califonia, and I still haven't, but my photos have thanks to your nationwide service. To think that I recieved my order in the mail the very next day is amazing." - Ted D.

    "I really appreciate the Kodak prints of my family. And for .34 cents a photo... you just won over a new customer." - Barbara B.

    "My sister in Newport Beach was using your online service and turned me onto it even though I'm in Chicago. Very, very good service guys." - Harland T.

    " wins. Really like the free photo sharing and Kodak photographs. For 28 years i have worked in Rochester, NY and was searching for a lab that trusts their brand. Thanks." - Frank P.

    " 'Your Photo Privacy Our Specialty" is a smart way to differentiate your product. The automotive company I work for is very sensitive to protecting the privacy of our new model designs and value your commitment to privacy issues." - Lauren S.

    "My VCR still flashes 12:00...12:00...12:00, but this 78-year old grandmother is able to easily click on your website for sending photos to my granddaughters. That's a tribute to how easy it is." - Garnett C.

    Thank you so much for the quick turn around on the greeting cards. It has been two years since we have done cards and your process made it so easy. - Randi Wolski

    Thanks so much for your attention to this. Your customer service is outstanding and we will be sure to recommend your company highly to all of our friends! (Including the 150 new ones who will be receiving the second set of cards!) Have a great holiday season and a happy, healthy new year. - Susan Taylor
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