Saturday, January 12, 2008

Summary of Mitch Goldstone CES Remarks

During the world's largest consumer trade show last week, there were so many new products to see. It literally took three days just to tour each convention hall at Las Vegas' CES 2008.

One new product that peaked my interest was a new type of camera phone that displays your photos on a wall. Think of those red laser pointers, but with pictures. You choose your photo and point the device towards a wall, or even on your hand. The presentation value is instant and a very innovative way to share your pictures.

During my presentation on digital imaging, I mentioned that the buzz at CES was all about content and personalization. To help emphasize how much technology has progressed, I mentioned the annual photo industry executive dinner (PMDA). Back in the early 1990s, a speaker asked the audience how many of us had cameras with us; the answer: about three in a room of hundreds. This wasn't any ordinary speaker, but a key executive at Popular Photography Magazine. She explained that was the problem with the industry, if we don't have cameras, how do we expect our customers to also have cameras ready at their side to impulsively snap away.

Remember, this was the early 1990's, when digital imaging was just a blueprint in R&D departments. Today, everyone has cameras, from digital to iPhones or camera phones and other new devices - all ready to take, print and share pictures. The problem is that there are 3.5 trillion analog photo snapshots that need to be digitized. This is a big number and this is where the new business model we commercialized with Kodak's imaging technology for super-fast and very inexpensive photo scanning comes in. has made it effortless to easily and affordably have your generations of photo memories digitally preserved. Now that we have scanned millions of pictures from across the country and overseas, the question that interested the CES audience was now about content.

What can people do once their analog photos are digitized? The opportunities are endless, and from the buzz at CES, many are anticipating all types of new services from us.

From storing and sharing your photos, once we scan it (along with slides, negatives, APS film), you can create 100s of new products. A tour of our online photo services [click here] details many of the new products, and more will be introduced thought the month. Using the Lucidiom photo kiosks, we have escalated their product mix from exclusively in-store to at-home; now your computer has the power to easily make all the products our retail customers enjoy, and just as quickly.
As with our super-fast photo scanning, everything is completed and mailed back the same business day; that's how we have been doing it since 1990. Super-fast!

Photography today must be easy, fun and instant. Our market are teens to retired seniors and they want to make sure that our personalized service is maintained even though the company is now servicing people around the world.

Later this month, we will be back in Las Vegas to address several sessions during the annual Photo Marketing Association and DIMA conventions.
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