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Monday, January 28, 2008

Eastman Kodak Company's Future Plans: Analysis and Forecast

(updated Jan 28, 2008)

Associated press reporter, Ben Dobbin has a (Jan 27) feature story in advance of Kodak's planned quarterly earnings on Wednesday titled "After Overhaul, Kodak Looks to Rebound."

Click here to read the AP article.

Kodak and the entire photo imaging industry are on the cusp of extraordinary, new technologies that will revitalize and launch entirely new ways to view and share your pictures, especially in the age of iPhones, YouTube, and teenagers' constant quest to have the "new-new thing."
According to Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of, "what you are about to see has the making for the biggest news since the advent of digital photography."

Background: Every day, customers are mesmerized and surprised to learn that it is not magic, but reality - their generations of photo memories are digitized in minutes. The reason: Kodak technology.

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While much of our company's 18-years of success is based on Kodak innovations and its employees' commitment to perfection, our digital imaging and scanning, along with all the new products generated from digitized pictures are beyond anything we have ever experienced. And, it is only the beginning. Kodak has just announced innovative new photo imaging products that provide immediate output.

Carl Berman and Mitch Goldstone, co-owners of 30 Minute Photos Etc and have been longtime and loyal Kodak customers and privileged to have known every CEO on a first name basis from George Fisher to Dan Carp and Antonio Perez.

Many had thought the charmed legacy of "Kodak Moments" were a distant memory, but the company is back and poised to unleash new, futuristic and innovative ways to look at and share pictures. After all the hard work to change course from analog film and chemicals to the environmentally-friendly digital age, Kodak has just announced a powerhouse of new digital imaging products and services that will win raves from retailers, consumers and its shareholders.

In the early 1990's we attended a visionary presentation in San Francisco by Kodak's then Chairman, George Fisher called "Picturing the Digital Age." This was pre-Internet and before the commercialization of digital cameras. Yet, Mr. Fisher demonstrated how a picture could travel through a phone line from California to be printed in New York. It was edgy and magical. Many questioned how that could happen. Today it is old news, but also today, the new news is even more exiting and revolutionary.

During a recent visit to Rochester, we had an opportunity to view, test and admire what will soon become very public. Because we are under NDA (non-disclosure agreement), further comments have to be muted.
This is a major announcement by Kodak that is among the most innovative new ideas to be launched at the International Photo Marketing Association, occurring this week in Las Vegas, NV. It also signal the transition from Kodak's challenges during the past many years as the company and the entire photo imaging industry moved from last century's analog products to today's digital offerings.

Many entrepreneurs have business hero's and ours is Kodak's Chairman and CEO, Antonio Perez along with his entire team of loyal, determined and equally passionate champions who are helping to regain Kodak's legacy. Even though the company is a worldwide partner of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, a Gold metal for visionary leadership (and the reason Kodak is going to charm many) should be presented to Chief Executive Perez.

For us, having pioneered the super-fast photo scanning business [see "In the News"] and earning acceptance by customers around the world is rewarding, but behind the photo scanning technology which we helped commercialize are many friends at Kodak who are also the reason behind our success.

And, if you think scanning 1,000 pictures in 10-minutes is extraordinary, just wait to see what is next. Soon, we will be yawning at this technology, just as we did after the 1993 Kodak "Picturing the Digital Age" presentation, as it too will be overtaken by newer and more advanced services and products that will further dazzle and mesmerize.

According to the AP report, "Mark Zupan, dean of the University of Rochester's Simon Graduate School of Business Administration [said], "you're starting to see more of an edge to Kodak. But just one or two successful innovations aren't going to do the trick. It takes aggressiveness, ingenuity and a willingness to take risks." Mr. Zupan, grab your camera and get ready to watch the magic return, but this time, there are less risks and more crystal-clear grand-slams on the horizon.
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