Friday, March 21, 2008

Photo Scanning: The Most Personalized Mother's Day Gift

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Better than Chocolate, which melts away, or flowers, which are not very permanent either are your photo memories.

Thanks to the pioneering innovations that have been commercialized at, using KODAK technology, preserving your pictures is more than economical. One-thousand pictures scanned for a pay-one price, flat-fee of just $49.95, or order our prepaid box, which holds more than 1,600+ 4x6" pictures for just $124.95. Photo scanning is smart and will be remembered long after the box of chocolates are gone. Besides, life is much more than "a box of chocolate."

The most personalized Mother's Day gift for 2008 is sharing all your favorite, funniest, touching and endearing moments with your loved ones. Over the years you collect many treasures, especially memories through photography. All those old Polaroid snapshots, trips to wondrous vacations and especially the backyard barbecue parties and blowing out that first-year candle on the birthday cake are magical moments.

Each of these are "KODAK Moments." And, the Eastman Kodak Company is a very big part of our success. It is KODAK technology that powers our entire scanning division. We have trusted the KODAK brand and its worldwide leadership in the photo imaging industry since our launch in 1990. is even featured on the website as a customer profile for our commercialization of their super-fast, award-winning professional imaging scanners.

This Mother's Day - May 11th - you can easily get all your analog print snapshots magically preserved. We do slides, negatives and VHS tapes too.

But, that's only part of the gift of a lifetime.

You can have every picture photo enhanced, build your own photo album online, order Kodak-quality photo reprints and enlargements and make your own collage-framed scrapbooking enlargements and more... much more.

The only thing we don't do is gift wrap your new photo keepsakes. Your orders are all personally and very carefully and securely packaged, just not gift wrapped with a bow. That's a great idea, but just not our speciality.

Since 1990, we have been well-known leaders in the photo imaging industry and are experts at what we do best - preserve your photo memories super-fast and economically.

All your photo scanning and online digital imaging services for ordering photos and photo gifts are processed, customized and fulfilled the same business day it is received. Yes, your photos are scanned and mailed back the same day. That also means the custom photo albums you create online in minutes are manufactured and mailed back, also on the same business day, even if you order one for every member of your family ... especially for your Mom. You add the photos
, choose the backgrounds, adjust each page's layout and journal personalized chronicles from your our life's adventure with your Mom.

All your friends at want to be part of your Mother's Day magic. Please click here to get started on your most talked-about and memorable Mother's Day gift yet.
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