Monday, January 14, 2008

Now That Your Photos Are Scanned: Share Your Story

The StoryTeller. Show Off Your Newly Scanned Photos

You can just store away the new DVD data disc; each one holds more than 3000 digital pictures. But, most people want to celebrate and share their newly found photo treasures. The most popular way to preserve your memories is to create custom photo memory books that you design. You select what type of design to choose, which and where each photo will be placed and customize each page with wonderful journal captions so future generations will know exactly where grandpa proposed and revisit their first date. Turn faded pictures into sepia and black and white, remove "red-eye" and zoom and custom crop each entry.

It's magical and just as with all orders once you place the order, we carefully prepare and mail back your completed photo album and all online orders on the same business day.

We have 100s of custom designs and photo products that you make in minutes, we print and mail back the same day.

Super-fast and super-easy. You choose from photo albums, picture collage and scrapbooking pages, photo greeting and announcement cards and more.

Find that picture of your parents first date and turn it into a one-of-a-kind Golden Anniversary announcement card.

here to see samples and to get started

Custom Photo Albums, just $24.95 each.


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