Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Favorite Photo Memory (Jack P)

"We would be happy to give you a photo - the hard part is picking which one so I will send three. The first part of the story is the same.

My sister's mother-in-law lost her house to a fire. No one expects it to happen to them and it was quite a shock for it to hit so close to home. When we discussed it we determined that one of the only possessions that could never be replaced would be our photos, we decided to have all scanned with and we were extremely happy. The photos we are posting are old and the quality of the picture depends on the quality of the initial photograph.

First attachment - There is nothing that compares with getting together with your family. This picture was taken at my father's birthday party and includes my son and all the nieces and nephews. What a wonderful time to spend time with family.

Second attachment - My father was very meticulous about his yard and you would never find a weed. He also liked his birds and as he was filling his bird feeder he spilled a little bit, so our came the vacuum cleaner to pick up all those seeds so that they would not sprout in the lawn.

Third attachment - It is wonderful to have a chance to get together with family and it always means fun. This is a picture of my sister and my niece and nephews having a good time."

Thanks for sharing, Jack!

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