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Friday, January 4, 2008

How to Scan Photos for Viewing on a Mac, iPhone and IPod

Because provides super-fast and inexpensive photo scanning at 300 dpi (4x6" pictures are preserved as jpeg files compressed at 1.0-1.5 MB), you can easily view your scanned photos on PC or Mac products.

One of our more popular customer sources, are Apple store employees.

It turns out that is a wonderful resource to help sell Apple products. There are literally trillions of analog photo snapshots and our photo scanning service helps create all types of new ways to enhance your photo memories. Now, you can share your newly digitized photos on your iPhone, iMac, iPod and most electronic photo viewing products. Many newer model DVD players include a Slideshow feature, so you might be able to put the DVD data disc into your newer model DVD player and watch your photo memories, thousands and thousands of them, on your television - in addition to viewing it on your computer, electronic photo frames, etc. Most importantly, have fun as you reminisce and get emotional as you see all your favorite photos new again.

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