Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big News and Updates from Las Vegas! PMA Updates

Wednesday's standing room only presentation by CEO, Mitch Goldstone was making news in Las Vegas and beyond during the DIMA and PMA conference.

Due to our conference schedule we will not have an update until Sunday. However, as a hint, please see Newsline - see link.

Text follows....

What if there were no more prints?

Scott Brownstein of Brownstein & McCabe, moderator of a
DIMA 2008 session held yesterday to answer this question, does not believe there will be no prints anytime soon; however, session speakers Terry Peterson of Peterson's Video Transfer Services and Mitch Goldstone of 30 Minute Photos Etc. [], presented two viable opportunities to replace fading print business.

"Goldstone spoke about providing high speed scanning services. "There are 3.5 trillion prints out there that need to be digitized. This market is so vast," he says. Using a high speed Kodak document scanner, Goldstone's store offers shoebox scanning, inviting online customers at to put as many prints in a specific postage box as will fit -- scanning them all for one set price. An average order is about 1,800 prints, but some customers fit hundreds more into the box.
Larger orders come in as well. "We can scan upwards of 6,000 pictures for $200," Goldstone says. One customer recently had 22,000 prints scanned. In the store, customers are given a 15-minute guarantee to have up to 1,000 pictures scanned, or their order is free. The store takes the opportunity to introduce scanning customers to its ancillary products for additional sales. From a service like this, Goldstone says customers want super fast turnaround and everything done in-house."
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