Thursday, February 7, 2008

35mm Slide Scanning Review; Some background prior to sending your slides, photos and negatives for scanning...

Before you review and compare any digital archival imaging services, the first question must always be how long has the company been in business; after all, these are your precious photo memories that you are trusting us with. is a division of 30 Minute Photos Etc. which has a nearly 18-year legacy of history as leaders in the photo imaging industry. Part of the company's magical ingredient is that technology and innovations have always been just as important as customer service. Your 35mm mounted slides are scanned on a $210,000 Noritsu 3213 DLS digital lab.

That should be the basis for the second question? Are other services, most of which have sprouted up in the past two-years, using scanners that you can buy for a few hundred dollars? The time-saving labor and professionalism are reasons to trust a professional scanning service, but they shouldn't be using the same low-grade equipment you can buy at a chain store.

For, two-years is a special date and reason why so many start-up entrepreneurs have entered the business that we pioneered and commercialize using KODAK technology. The national media attention for our super-fast and inexpensive photo scanning service began after we addressed several sessions at the International Photo Marketing Association, which we have been members of since 1990. During those sessions, and others to industry leaders, our plan was widely shared and many tried to replicate it, but in most cases, without the same level of equipment and longevity in the photo business.

Among the many innovations practiced at is you will note that we do not have an "800" toll-free number. Instead we have a wide variety of easy ways to reach us. Toll-free numbers are so last decade, today, smart businesses have 24/7 Live Support help desks that are super convenient and easy to have your question answered by a real person. Our help desk operates around the clock and like all other work is based in southern California. If you don't want to chat with an operator talking a foreign language, why would you want to send your precious work overseas.

Third question is how quickly are will your order be fulfilled, even if you have an international order originating outside the U.S. If it takes upwards of 6-8 weeks (2-months) which is span of time promoted by others, ask the question, why? Wouldn't you want to have your order completed the same day it arrives for processing? That has been our mandate since were were founded to always complete orders when they are received, not weeks later. In most cases, your slides are scanned and prepared for return the same day it is received.

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