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Friday, January 4, 2008

"24/7" Live Support Actual Chat Transcript

Below is an actual "24/7" Live Support chat transcript from earlier today. We regularly receive scores of questions each day, but this one helps personalize our nationwide service and passion during the past 17-years.

S. Johnson: I hope you don't mind my asking - but why are you so significantly lower in price than other on line scanning services?

Welcome S. Johnson! Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department.

Call accepted by operator Support Technician #398 [call answered within 1 1/2 seconds]

Currently in room: Support Technician #398

Support Technician #398: Hello S..... We're the best.... Been in business since 1990... and fast too, see how quickly we answer our Live 24/7 support

S. Johnson: LOL OK I am in Utah - so as you can imagine I am a bit tepreidacious [sic] about sending my beloved photos all the way to Calif. But I've been checking prices and yours seems best by about 50%. So it makes me wonder why is every one else fleecing us with over priced scanning.

Support Technician #398: Not sure of other services, but for background on, you might want to visit our "In The News" link. And, our CEO is addressing the Intl Consumer Electronics Show next week - see link.

S. Johnson: OK OK OK. I will begin this HUGE project this month (about 20 years of photos) and you've just sold me.
Support Technician #398: Thanks, S..... And check out our blog: "Tales from the world of Photo Scanning"

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