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Various Model Cameras and Imaging Technology for Scanning digitally preserves your analog pictures. Here are some key imaging technologies and various cameras that take the pictures we scan.

Pixels II-10
Memory II-11
SmartMedia II-11
CompactFlash II-11
Table 3: Image Storing Capacity of Memory Cards II-12
Memory Stick II-12
Hard Disk II-12
Floppy Disk II-12
In-built Memory II-12
Lens II-12
Optical-Zoom Lenses II-12
Fixed-Focus and Fixed-Zoom Lenses II-12
Digital-Zoom Lenses II-12
Batteries II-13
Sensor Technology II-13
CMOS Sensors II-13
CCD Sensors II-13
Interface II-13
Flow Diagram II-13
Serial Connection II-14
Flash Memory Slots II-14
Floppy Disk II-14
USB connection II-14
Printing of Photographs II-14
Noise II-14
Digital Cameras: Pros and Cons II-14
Pros II-14
Cons II-15
Digital Cameras Vs Conventional Cameras II-15
Factors Hindering Growth in Digital Camera Market II-15
Application II-16
Education II-16
Advertising and Graphic Art Designers II-16
Web Publishing II-16
Microscopy II-16
Photojournalism II-16
Identification and Badging II-16
Vacation and Entertainment II-16
Usage By Law Enforcement Authorities II-17
Technology II-17
Pooling Resources - A Way to Conquer II-17
3. Product Innovations/Introductions II-18
Kodak Unveils the new EASYSHARE C653 Zoom Digital Camera II-18
Kodak Introduces New Single Use Stylish Camera II-18
Sanyo Rolls Out WorldAEs First Digital Waterproof Movie Camera II-18
Ricoh Introduces Caplio GX100 Digital Camera II-18
Ricoh Launches WorldAEs Slimmest Digital Camera Caplio R6 II-18
Olympus Releases E-410 Digital SLR Camera II-18
Canon Unveils IXUS 950 IS Digital Camera II-19
DXG USA Announces the Launch of DXG-711 7mp Digital Camera II-19 Panasonic Launches 12.2 Mega pixel Digital Camera, LUMIX DMC- FX100 II-19
Vivitar ViviCam Introduces Underwater Camera 6200W II-19
BenQ Launches Ultra Slim Range of Digital Cameras II-20
Cannon Launches Two New Camera Variants II-20
Panasonic Launches Lumix DMC-FX30 Still Camera II-20
Lumenera Unveils CCD Camera Range for Scientific/ Industrial Applications II-21
Vision Research Introduces Phantom" Brand Digital High-speed Cameras II-21
Dalsa Expands HM Series Digital Cameras Product Line II-21
Sony Launches T-series Cyber-shot Digital Cameras II-22
Nikon Rolls Out Latest D40x SLR Camera II-22
PENTAX Launches 7.1-megapixel Optio E30 Digital Camera II-22
Nikon Rolls Out High-Caliber COOLPIX S500 Camera II-22
PENTAX Introduces Optio W30 and Optio A30 Digital Cameras II-22
Nikon Introduces New COOLPIX Digital Camera Models II-23
Canon Unveils New PowerShot Models II-23
Panasonic Launches New Lumix and FX Digital Cameras II-24
Sony Expands Cyber-shot Series II-24
Kodak Launches New Models of EASYSHARE Digital Cameras II-25
Fujifilm Unveils FinePix F40fd II-25
Sigma Corporation Releases DPI Compact Digital Camera II-25
Vivitar to Launch Vivicam 7399 II-25
Panasonic Launches Lumix DMC-FS2 II-25
Kodak Extends Product Portfolio with EASY SHARE Digital Cameras II-26
Casio Unveils EX-Z1200 II-26
Panasonic Releases 11 Models of the LUMIX Range in the Middle East II-26
Olympus Rolls Out Cameras for Amateurs II-26
PENTAX Releases 2 New Compact Digital Cameras II-27
Ricoh Announces Function-Enhancing firmware for GR DIGITAL II-27
Ricoh Releases the Caplio R4 Mystic Blue Digicam II-27
Samsung Launches the GX-10 Digital SLR II-27
Casio Releases One More DivX Certified Digital Camera II-27
Canon Launches 10-Megapixel Powershot G7 Digital Camera II-28
Samsung Launches New Range of Digital Cameras II-28
Stereovision Launches 3D Digital Camera II-28
PENTAX Launches K100D and K110D II-28
Kodak Launches EASYSHARE V603 Digital Camera II-28
Panasonic Launches Three New Models in LUMIX Digital Camera Series II-29
FujiFilm Launches FinePix S9500 Digital Camera II-29
BenQ Launches E521 Digital Cameras II-29
Nikon Launches COOLPIX S5 and S6 Digital Cameras II-29
Nikon Launches COOLPIX P3 and P4 Digital Cameras II-30
Nikon Launches Three Entry-Level COOLPIX Digital Cameras II-30
SANYO Launches Several Digital Media Cameras II-30
Sigma Introduces DP1 Digital Camera II-31
SANYO Launches DMX-HD1 Digital Movie Camera II-31
Eastman Kodak Unveils EASYSHARE C663 Digital Camera II-31
Ricoh Launches Caplio R30 II-31
Caplio RR630 from Ricoh II-31
Ricoh Introduces Caplio 500G Wide II-32
Ricoh Unveiled Caplio R40 II-32
Ricoh Launches Caplio RR660 II-32
Ricoh Rolls Out Caplio R5 II-32
Ricoh Launches Caplio RR730 II-33
Nikon Launches COOLPIX S9 II-33
Nikon Unveils COOLPIX S7c/S7/S8 II-33
Nikon Launches Digital Camera, COOLPIX S10 II-34
Nikon Launches COOLPIX L5, a Compact Digital Camera II-34
Nikon Launches the Latest Compact Digital Camera, COOLPIX L6 II-34
Fujifilm Launches FinePix Z3 Zoom, a Stylish Digital Camera II-34
Sony Introduces the New Cyber Shot Digital Cameras II-35
Samsung Camera Launches Digital Camera GX-1S II-35
Polaroid Introduces Polaroid i-1032 Digital Camera II-36
Kodak Launches KODAK EASYSHARE V610, the Smallest Digital Camera II-36
Disney Introduces Disney Pix Digital Cameras for Kids II-36
Leica Camera Unveils LEICA V-LUX1 II-37
Pentax Introduces PENTAX Optio T20 Digital Camera II-37
Pentax Unveils PENTAX Optio W20 Digital Camera II-37
Fujifilm Rolls Out Finepix S6000fd Digital Camera II-37
Samsung Unveils the Novel NV10 Digital Still Camera II-37
Fujifilm Rolls Out Finepix F20 Digital Camera II-38
Kodak Unveils P712 Digital Camera II-38
Nikon Unveils D2xs SLR Camera II-38
Leica Camera AG Unveils Leica C-Lux 1 Digital Camera II-39
Fujifilm Unveils FINEPIX V10 Digicam II-39
Fuji Launches FinePix A700 - a Low End Digital Camera II-39
Canon Launches Latest Series of Digital Cameras II-39
Eastman Kodak Introduces EASYSHARE Z710 Digital Camera II-40
Eastman Kodak Introduces EASYSHARE Z650 Digital Camera II-40
Fujifilm Launches FinePix S9100 Digital SLR Camera II-40
Sigma Launches SD14 Digital SLR II-40
Fujifilm Launches FinePix Z5fd Digital Camera II-40
Kodak Introduces Five New Digicams II-41
Canon Launches 3 Digital Elphs and Four New Cameras of G Series II-41
Nikon Introduces New Digital D80(TM) SLR Camera II-41
Panasonic Introduces Three New LUMIX FX Series Still Digital Cameras II-42
Sony Adds New 7-megapixel DSC-T30 to the T-Series Product Line II-42
Olympus Introduces First SLR Digital Preview LCD Screen Camera II-42 Panasonic Introduces LUMIX Wide-screen DMC- LX2 Camera II-42
Panasonic Introduces LUMIX DMC-FZ50 II-42
Panasonic Introduces DMC-FZ7 Digital Still Camera II-42
Panasonic Launches Two 6x-optical Zoom Compact Cameras II-43
Kodak Introduces First Universal Digital Dual-Lens Camera II-43
Sony Unveils Two New Digital W-Series Cameras II-43
Canon Launches Four New PowerShot Digital A-Series Model Cameras II-43
Panasonic Introduces HD Video Camera II-44
Olympus Introduces the World's Lightest Digital SLR Camera II-44
Pentax Introduces PENTAX Optio S6 Digital Camera II-44
DALSA Coreco Introduces Genie Gigabit Ethernet Digital Cameras II-44
Nikon Launches Wi-Fi- Enabled Coolpix P1 and P2 Compact Digital Cameras II-45
Sony Launches New Cyber-shot(R) DSC-T9 II-45
Nikon Launches D200 10.2 MP Digital SLR II-45
Sony Introduces Cyber-shot(R) DSC-R1 10.3 Megapixel Digital Camera II-45
Nikon Unveils COOLPIX S4 Digital Compact Camera II-46
Nikon Introduces Coolpix S3 Digital Camera II-46
Nikon Launches Coolpix L1 Point-And-Shoot Camera II-46
Ricoh Introduces Caplio RR530 II-46
Ricoh Launches New Caplio R3 Compact Digital Camera II-47
Canon Launches New PowerShot SD30 Digital ELPH Digital Camera II-47
Olympus Introduces New SP-500 UZ Model Digital Camera II-47
HP Unveils Photosmart R817 II-47
Nikon Launches a New D50 Digital SLR Camera II-47
Fujifilm Unveils Fujifilm E900 Point-and-Shoot Camera II-47
Olympus Introduces a New -500 Digital SLR Camera II-48
BenQ Launches Three New Compact-Sized Megapixel Digital Cameras II-48
Panasonic Unveils A Line of Lumix Digital Cameras II-48
Nikon Designs the First Digital Camera with an Integrated LAN Feature II-48
Nikon Unveils D50 and D70 Digital SLR Camera II-48
Salton Launches ePods Digital Camera II-49
Kodak Unwraps Kodak Easyshare V-series Digital Cameras II-49
Canon Unveils 4-megapixel PowerShot A520 Digital Cameras II-49
Ricoh Launches Pro G3, the First GPS-Ready Digital Camera II-49
Olympus Releases D-425 Digital Cameras II-50
Konica Launches the Maxxum 7D II-50
Fujifilm Introduces Finepix F810 Digital Camera II-50
Eastman Kodak and Nikon Unveils Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Cameras II-50
Eastman Kodak Introduces Two Models of Easyshare Zoom Digital Cameras II-50
Sanyo Launches Xacti C5 Digital Camera II-50
Sanyo Epson Introduces Two Models of Amorphous Silicon TFT Panels II-51
Pentax Releases Optio S5z Model of Digital Camera II-51
Canon Unveils EOS 20D, SLR Camera II-51
Pentax Introduces 'ist DL' model of SLR digital camera II-51
Olympus Launches a Compact Mju Digital 800 Digital Camera II-51
Sony Introduces Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150, WorldAEs Smallest Digital Camera II-51
Nikon Launches Coolpix 8800 Model of Digital Cameras II-51
Canon Launches PowerShot A75 Digital Camera II-52
Epson Unveils the EPSON(R) R-D1 II-52
Canon Launches Canon PowerShot A400 II-52
Olympus Releases the C-7000 Zoom II-52
HP Introduces the PhotoSmart R707 II-52
Ricoh Unveils 5.13-megapixel Digital Camera II-52
Canon Launches PowerShot S70 Digital Camera II-52
Canon Introduces the 7.1-megapixel PowerShot(R) G6 Digital Camera II-53
Fujifilm Unveils Five New Models of Cameras II-53
HP Unveils the 4.1-megapixel HP Photosmart R607 Digital Camera II-53 Konica Releases the Interchangeable-Lens Digital SLR Camera II-53
Leica Introduces an Underwater Body for the LEICA DIGILUX 2 II-53
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd Launches Four Novel Models of LUMIX Digital Camera II-54
Nikon Implements the Novel Protocol oPTP/IPo II-54
Olympus Unveils 8-Megapixel E-300 Digital SLR Camera II-54
Olympus Announces the Launch of u-mini DIGITAL II-54
Pentax Releases the Optio S5i II-55
Pentax Unveils the Novel Optio43WR II-55
Epson Launches the EPSON PhotoPC L-410 II-55
Fujifilm Releases the Novel FinePix S3000 II-55
Fujifilm Launches the Novel FinePix F450 and F440 II-55
Konica Unveils DiMAGE Z3 High-Performance, 4.0-Megapixel Digital Cameras II-56
Nikon Launches CoolPix 8700 II-56
Nikon Presents CoolPix 3200 II-56
Nikon Unveils CoolPix 2200 II-56
Kodak Launches New EasyShare Digital Cameras II-56
Nikon Develops Nikon D70 II-57
4. Recent Industry Activity II-58
Canon Acquires Stake in Tokki II-58
Inficon Acquires Sigma Instruments II-58
Divx Buys Mainconcept AG II-58
Audiovox Acquires Thomson's Audio Video Business II-58
Samsung Buys TransChip Israel II-58
Asustek to Acquire Stake in Ability Enterprise II-59
Syntax-Brillian Sells its LCoS Business to Compound Photonics II-59
Kodak ends Partnership with Chinese Giant Lucky Film Company II-59
Hoya Acquires Pentax II-59
Jenoptik Acquires the Remaining Stake in Sinar II-59
Ability Inks Agreement to Take Over BenQ's Digital Camera Operations II-60
Sears and Kmart Sign Contract to Retail GE Brand Cameras II-60
Olympus Opens First Store in India II-60
Samsung Begins Operation of Tianjin Plant in China II-60
GE and General Imaging Sign Contract II-60
Vision Research Enters into Partnership with Abel Cine Tech II-60
Samsung Drops Digimax Brand II-61
Leica Camera Acquires Majority Stake of Sinar II-61
Panavision International Takes Over Plus8digital II-61
Syntax-Brillian Acquires Vivitar II-61
Hon Hai Takes Over Premier Image II-62
Motorola Acquires BenQ Denmark II-62
Jenoptik Inks Digital Camera Supply Agreement II-62
HCL Signs Distribution Pact with Casio India II-62
Iseemedia Inks Licensing Agreement for Photo Stitching Software II-62
Kodak Inks Production and Distribution Agreement with Flextronics II-63
Vision Research Receives Contract for High-speed Digital Cameras II-63
Casio Establishes New Subsidiary in the Netherlands II-63
Casio Computer Forms Casio Scandinavia AS II-64
Casio Establishes New Subsidiary in Spain II-64
Samsung Opens Digital Camera Manufacturing Facility outside Asia II-64
NikonAEs New Fully Owned Subsidiary in Seoul Goes Onstream II-64
Samsung to Invest Substantially in Mainland China II-64
Eastman Kodak Pockets Bell & Howell II-64
Petters Consumer Brands Gains Full ownership of Polaroid Holding Company II-65
Matsushita Joins Forces with Olympus II-65
Sony Corp. and Konica Minolta Join Forces for Developing SLR cameras II-65
BENQ Inks a Joint Venture with Pentax II-65
Pentax Signs Agreement with Samsung Techwin for Developing New SLR Cameras II-65 Sanyo VietnamAEs New Digital Camera Manufacturing Unit Goes Onstream II-66
Eastman Kodak Acquires Chinon Industries, Inc. II-66
Concord Camera GmbH Acquires Jenimage Europe GmbH II-66
Nikon Established Production Unit in China II-66
5. Focus on Select Players II-67
Canon Inc (Japan) II-67
Casio Computer Co Ltd (Japan) II-67
Fujifilm Corporation (Japan) II-67
Hewlett-Packard Company (US) II-68
Eastman Kodak Company (US) II-68
Leica Camera AG (Germany) II-69
Nikon Corporation (Japan) II-69
Olympus Corporation (Japan) II-69
Panasonic (Japan) II-70
PENTAX Imaging Company (US) II-70
Polaroid Corporation (US) II-70
Ricoh Company Ltd (Japan) II-71
Samsung Techwin Co. Ltd (Korea) II-71
Sanyo Electric Co Ltd (Japan) II-71
Seiko Epson (Japan) II-71
Sigma Corp (Japan) II-72
Sony Corporation (Japan) II-72
Toshiba America Inc (US) II-72
Victor Company of Japan Limited (Japan) II-73
Vivitar Corp (US) II-73
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