Sunday, March 23, 2008

So, Your Scanned Photos Are Now In The 21st Century, What Now?

With 3.5 trillion photographic snapshots that must be digitally protected, this is the perfect time to turn those analog photos into digital files so you can add to your electronic devises (iPods, iPhones) and view on TV, share via email, add to an electronic picture frame, make photo albums, photo calendars, photo scrapbooking colleges and more.

One of the most special and emotional services are our custom photo restorations.

We Fix Your Photos - Your Favorite Photos Never Looked So Good. Let us restore and enhance your vintage photographs into works of art to be enjoyed and preserved for generations. Order your custom Kodak-quality photo restorations today. Click here.

Before - After
Click here to view even more of our magical photo restoration work

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