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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Remember All Those Old VHS Tapes? Save VHS To DVD

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There are millions of VHS tapes that are in need of help. Most are fading away and your favorite home movies that were forever saved on those tapes are going to be forever lost. But, there is a solution.

Here's is a list of frequently asked, most common questions from customers around the country and yes, we have same-day service too.

  • Can you make a DVD of a VHS video movie I have bought at a store?
    Due to copyright laws, we cannot transfer any movie that is copyrighted including commercial movies, concerts, sports events, TV broadcasts without written permission from the owner of the copyright. While under "fair use" regulations, you yourself are allowed to make backup copies, we cannot offer this service as a business charging money for our service. It is illegal for us to do so.
  • Can recorded DVDs be played in my DVD player?
    Most DVD players can play DVD-Rs. While nearly most new models can play recorded DVDs, we ask that you please check your player's specifications before placing an order. We do not offer refunds because your DVD player does not play recorded DVDs.
  • What video tapes formats can you convert to DVD?
    We only accept standard VHS
    NTSC tapes.
  • Can you convert PAL videos to NTSC video?
    No, we can only accept standard VHS
    NTSC tapes for transfer to DVD.
  • I am worried about the quality of output movie. Does conversion from VHS to DVD degrade the quality? Unlike video duplication of the past, digitizing your VHS movies to DVD can improve the quality of the picture. While this is not a dramatic improvement, nor do we offer any additional movie cleaning, the process of converting analog to digital format does bring some noise filtering. As with anything though, the higher the quality of the original, the better the quality of the conversion.
  • Why is there a limit of 2 hours per disc?
    While it is possible to fit more than 2 hours of video on a DVD, we do not produce such discs because of quality degradation. In order to fit more data on a DVD-R more compression is required. MPEG2 compression used in DVDs is lousy: the more you compress the lower quality you get.
  • Will my DVD be playable in other world region?
    No, we only produce NTSC region-free DVDs which means they will only be playable in countries that support NTSC
  • Will my DVD be copy - protected?
    DVDs we record are not copy - protected.
  • Do you view your customers home movies?
    Your videos are private and we don't view videos sent to us, however we do have to view the beginning to ensure that it is not a copyrighted video to comply with Federal Copyright law and we'll randomly spot check the final DVD for quality assurance purposes.
  • Do you keep a copy of your customers video?
    After transferring video data successfully we erase the information and we don't keep any video copies of our customers.
  • My question is not answered here. Where can I obtain more information?
    Please contact us
    Live Support, email or via phone at 949-474-7654

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