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Friday, September 18, 2009

Poll: Top 10 Reasons Why People Scan Pictures

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Why people digitize their analog photos is not always a pretty picture. According to a revised study released today by, lamentable events in people's lives top the list of ten leading reasons why people are choosing to have high-speed commercial scans made from their shoeboxes of pictures.

But, collectively, pleasurable family occasions are also an important reason for preserving photographs.

" After and earlier poll of customers, we just asked again, and the results have maintained and mirror those prior ranking. The poll was motivated by wondering why people digitally archive their generations of family pictures that were previously stored in shoeboxes," explained Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO

According to, topping the list of ten primary reasons why people want to scan pictures was divorce. "It turns out that the most common reason for scanning pictures is due to divorce and seeking to easily split up photos," explained Goldstone,. His company, instantly marry pictures to a digital CD before a divorce takes it away. And, according to Goldstone, "the only thing easy and inexpensive about divorce is deciding who gets the photos; for just $64.00, his company commercially scans up to 1,000 pictures in minutes or buy a prepaid box that holds about 2,000standard pictures for $149.95 [buy two get third free]."

Divorce, followed by funerals and anxieties over fading photos topped the list, according Goldstone, who is a well-known photo imaging industry leader and regular speaker at major photo industry conventions, including PMA, Lyra Research, CES and InfoTrends.

This time, four hundred and twenty people were interviewed earlier thsi year for this revised study which identified the top ten reasons people scan pictures.


  • 1) Divorce (22%

  • 2) Funeral / Memorial Service (15%)

  • 3) Concern About Losing or Fading Pictures (12%)

  • 4) Anniversary Gift / Multi-media Presentation (11%)

  • 5) Reunion (9%)

  • 6) Birthday, Wedding Gift / Multi-media Presentation (9%)

  • 7) Convenience (7%)

  • 8) Genealogy / Sharing / Family History Project (6%)

  • 9) Preservation from Natural Disaster (5%)

  • 10) Other (4%)

[Methodology. According to 420 consumers who were polled by during Jan 5-18, the top reason why they chose to have their entire shoeboxes of pictures commercially scanned was impending divorce].

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