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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Money Magazine: Too Good a Deal?

Several loyal customers, who are also our biggest advocates have been sharing with us the January issue of Money Magazine with some disdain. The publication referenced several other scanning services and failed to include us in their listing. Although they did question our "Fill-the-box" pricing strategy. As leaders in the photo imaging industry, we understand that everything must today be supper easy, fast and inexpensive. Ordering has to be effortless and quick. So, we designed the flat rate U.S. Priority mail fill-the-box scanning service to easily scan more than 1,600 pictures to DVD.

It's super fast, orders are mailed out the same business day it's placed and all scanning orders are completed and mailed back the same day we receive the photos in the box.

Because most people have generations of photos, spanning decades and thousands of snapshots to scan, this is the most economical, fastest solution. With our buy 2-get-the-3rd-box free, you can scan more than 5,500 pictures for just $99.95. That's much less than 2.5-cents a scan. As Howie Mandel from TVs "Deal or No Deal" would say: "You made a great deal"

More Feedback: with more than 3.5 trillion photo snapshots waiting to be digitized, Money’s “Digitize Your Memories” (Jan 2008) provided helpful advice. But, sampling various photo scanning services with just about 40 photos is flawed. The sample was like test driving a car, but not leaving the dealers driveway - next time, do a real test with 1,500 photos, and your order will be mailed back the same day. For retail customers, your order will be ready in about 15-minutes!
Our average customer sends us about 1,500 all-sized pictures, including Polaroid’s and expects that all orders are returned the same day, not mailed to be scanned overseas. The most scans we did for a single customer was 22,000 - that took just 5-hours. Our “strange-sounding deal” to have a convenient, one-price scanning for filling our USPS Priority-branded boxes is unique and happens to be our most popular service. It is also based on a lesson we learned from Money Magazine - to keep it simple and dazzle the customer, always. Nearly 4-million photo memories have been digitally preserved at

With scores of media profiles, extraordinary buzz, nationwide customer testimonials and customer cheerleaders, we prefer more targeted magazine profiles anyway. You can't reach a better audience for preserving generations of pictures articles directed to genealogy fans, and the number one magazine in that category is Family Free Magazine. Click on this link to read the full Family Tree Magazine profile - Dec-Jan issue.
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