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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Even Celebrities Need to Preserve Their Photos, But Require Extra Security

It's not just our regular customers in Florida, Hawaii and across the nation who send us their photos to digitally preserve on DVD. After the Jan 31 Wall Street Journal profile, among the very first prepaid box orders was one from one of Hollywood's most famous actors. Because we are sensitive to and always protect the privacy of our customer, we can hint at their name, but... We are all in a very different world than the most powerful people in Hollywood. They ended up sending more than 12,000 pictures over a few weeks and even emailed to share their delight with And the pictures, they had. Many were in reverse; they were snapped of their fans looking in. This prospective was something that even TMZ doesn't share - and nor will we, but it was memorable.

As for celebrity customers, in the technology industry, one name at the very top of everyones list of chroniclers of the news visited with us yesterday. We mention this, because he is one of our best sources of information and cutting-edge insights that we have read and followed for years. To us, he's our hero and this blog was one of his many ideas, which we are more than grateful for. What a lesson we learned yesterday. And yes, we scanned more than 4,000 of his family's photo memories too.
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