Sunday, December 30, 2007

Customer Complaint

Several weeks ago, a customer wheeled in, literally, 22,000 pictures in boxes that they drove down from San Francisco to have convert to DVDs. First, they thought we scan photos in an hour and wanted to wait. Yes, we actually scan 1,000 photos in 10-minutes, but this was 22,000. With her added features to the order, it took a bit longer - 5-hours, but they were thrilled upon returning to Disneyland, which must have cost much for than the scans (just $49.95 for up to a 1,000 photos). Their complaint [concern] was that according to The Wall Street Journal, it was reported that the largest order we scanned was 19,000 photos. Yes, but she had more. It was an easy concern to fix, and we're doing it here. The largest single photo scan order at was 22,000 pictures.
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